college applications?

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  1. Anyone in here applying to school? I know most of you are a little older than I am, but I was just wondering. If so, where? Are you done with your app? What did you write your essay on? When's your app due?

    SMFA: Feb 1st
    VCU: Feb 1st
    Hampshire College: Jan 15th

    Essay: Have yet to write. Hahah. :Push: Oh, it sort of makes me want to kll myself....:shame:

  2. A while for me honey (Duke Class of '98) but best of luck, I think my essays really sealed the deal for me, give them lots of thought and again best of luck!
  3. I grad from college wayyy too long ago. lol But my baby cousin has been working on her apps for months now! She wrote several variations on her personal statements already and got it proofread from her teachers and mentors so I advice you to start working on them asap. :amuse:
  4. I decided to go to community college after high school graduation instead of moving away and going to a state university, so I didn't have to write essays. When I transferred to a university to finish my bachelor's, I had an associate's degree so I didn't have to do much in terms of the formal application. But, I do suggest that you write your essays and have your English teachers look at them. Correct grammar and spelling are very important!

    Good luck! :biggrin:
  5. i don't know how much ur essays really help ur admissions chances but they don't hurt and a stellar essay's always nice...i remember the dean of amherst sent me a personal letter telling me she loved my essay and they decided to offer me a place months before any of my friends heard back so u should get started asap.....not that i should be talking since i'm the master of procrastination.....i graduated from college this may and i miss it (even tho i'm at grad school at the same place it's just not the same).....
  6. I'm applying to professional school as I'm pretty much done with my honors degree, what I wrote a lot on for my applications was previous academic experiences and what I have done as well as what I want to do with the degree in question. For instance, I really want to get into doing human rights law, so I wrote a lot about my own opinions on how there can be improvements made as well as how some systems are in really shoddy condition. I hope that kind of helps..
  7. heh I graduated in May. I HATE HATE HATE my job and what I majored in (I didn't realize I would hate it until I started working in it) so I start January 9th for nursing school :lol:
  8. What do you do now, and what made you want to switch careers? My stepmom is an RN, she does home health care and loves it. Right now she is managing a team at a home health care agency. It gets stressful for her sometimes, but she is the right type of person for the job, she is very patient and caring.
  9. I'm in advertising. I'm a business Development Coordenator for Mercedes-Benz. It's a stupid job that deals with stupid people for stupid things. I want to be an RN in maternity.
  10. Ha, my first job out of college was at an advertising agency and I hated it. I do business development, as well, but for a commercial construction company. I do a lot of graphic design, proposal writing and public relations, since we're very involved in the community here. I really like it, but it's the people I work with that makes my job fun. That advertising agency was terrible, the woman was a huge ***** :suspiciou After working there I thought about changing careers completely, getting my master's and becoming a college professor, but then I found my current job.

    Good luck with nursing! I hope you'll enjoy the career change :biggrin:
  11. maybe I just really like school :P
  12. When my oldest was a senior they worked on their entrance essay's during the school year! I applied on line for her which was easy. Thankfully there wasn't much for her to do she already had early admission thru a scholarship. I never went but sometimes wish I did have that experience. I worked for a shoe manufacture at the age of 15 and when I graduated high school was hired as an administrative executive there. My career just kept moving on.
  13. I'm more than a few years past graduation (even further than you, BagLovingMom!), but I'm very proud to report that my neice (my sister's eldest daughter) just got into Columbia University on early decision/early action!
  14. congratulations to her :smile:.....i'm a columbia grad....graduated this past may and i'm at columbia law right now.....she'll love it it's soso much fun and it's in the best locatino ever......
  15. that period of applying to colleges is so many possibilities! i'm a sophomore in college, but it seems like i did that a hundred years ago. i got into the University of Georgia and Boston University (i abandoned a bunch of other apps because i knew i wanted to go to one of those two schools), got in to both, chose UGA. i haven't looked back since, i LOVE it here. i really want to go to law school as well.

    good luck!