College Admissions Tougher For Women: Discrimination or Not?

  1. I saw this story on NBC News last night and was astounded. In a nut shell, the story is saying that men are underperforming compared to women, and more women are graduating from and enrolling college. IN some places women outnumber men.

    At some schools, especially liberal arts schools, they want to keep a gender-balance. This means they have to reject more women and admit men who are less qualified.

    Here is the story link:

    Now that said, I was just floored and shocked. You know, as a woman, growing in school we were always told we going to have a tougher time than men. We would have to really prove ourselves to get that CEO job or get into a good school.
    So women work so hard to get good grades, do all that extracurricular stuff, get phenomenal SAT scores, and some GUY who did less can come along and get into that school simply because he is a guy.

    I think this just plain sucks for women. It's like some step back in time or something. If men don't want to put the effort in to qualify for admissions then they shouldn't get in!!!!

    (I'm secretly thinking that this means we are someday going to rule the world LOL)!
  2. Hhaha.. well theres still alot of inequalities towards women in our day and age- and thats sad.
    For example- do you ever notice when a woman gets in power and is tough and strong and independant- she's a "*****". But when a made does it- thats Alright!(think hillary clinton)
    If a woman has lots of male partners- she a slut. If a man does, hes "The man!!!".
    There is a reason feminism has got such a bad rap, and thats because males are afraid of it. There is still NO PROTECTION for women in the amendments (no equal amendment law)
    now that is ridiculous.
    We as women need to stop being afraid of the bad rap of feminism, need to stop calling each other *****es and being catty in general, and start supporting each other so we get equal pay and advancment.
  3. that is discrimination, pure and simple!! just like that whole let a kid go on to the next grade even though he failed.

    this country is really turned on by the fact of raising total losers
  4. I sort of equate this with the affirmative action schools. Neither one is fair. Shouldn't only the best candidates get in, regardless of race and gender? I would hate to think that I got into college for anything other than my stellar academic record.

  5. I agree with this....
  6. I agree too...
  7. Sigh.
  8. It´s not your country, it´s the world.....sad....
    Not big news, stats say girls perform much better at school and uni, is it bc girls are more "school and academics oriented" ?? Like they follow the system...but when it comes to "promote yourself" and survive afterwards in the corporate world, (in France at least) they have a hard time. Not the way we raise girls... I think if there weren´t such a gap between uni studies and the real corporate world...maybe it wouldn´t be so.
    We, women, need to UNITE ! The only way it´s gonna change, it´s if we raise our boys/girls differently.
    It also depends which field ?? For instance, in my Design university, at the age of 18, girls are much more mature and have a great application, so they´d take up to 50% girls. BUT the studies are very tought and competitive....(people get depressed, give up) and the girls rarely perform the best, they are not as passionnate as the boys (have you noticed how the boys are always 200% into a hobby other than shopping lol ?) and they don´t "brag" enough. -Being a bit of a "girl power" I was the first girl ever to graduate top of the class-
    Once graduated, they have a much harder time finding a job, and a good one. All the ambitious men went to get the prestigious jobs, while the women remained low key...Don´t know if I make sense
  9. It seems no one worried when the majority of college attendees and graduates were men. No one does anything about the fact that the majority of CEOs (especially of Fortune 500 companies) are male, the majority of state and federal representatives are male, that we have never even had a viable female candidate for president.

    People accept men succeeding as the norm and then seek to change the system when women succeed instead. For now, men have been beaten at their own game. They need to step up their efforts, not change the standards by which they are judged.

    And I am the mother of two sons, but in no way do I accept the idea that somehow my boys are unable to meet the behavioral and academic standards of school. They are bright and capable of controlling themselves and it is an insult to them and to me as a parent that the standards would be lowered for them simply because they are male.

  10. :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:

    fantastic point!!
  11. HauteMama: Fabulous points!!!!!

    I always wonder how it would feel to get into a top liberal arts college just because you were male? I know that for me personally, I want to get in because I worked my butt off and earned the right to be there!!!!!
  12. I really feel like no matter what, schools should only let in the students who have achieved high enough academic standards to be let into the school. Period. It shouldn't matter if you're black/white, male/female, young/old. Everyone should be judged the exact same way when it comes to admissions. I think the same thing goes for people who do sports - if your academic record is nowhere near as good as another applicant, why should you get in just because you are good at a sport? It shouldn't be a free pass.
  13. I hear giraffe! I go to a private school...and so your 'legacy' also factors in to your admittance!
  14. ITA; race, age, gender, family history - none of these should impact college admissions. Affirmative action is prejudice in its own way.