Collector Acceptability for Used Bag?

  1. I am wondering what is considered acceptable for a used Bbag for someone that is looking for collector quality? For example: 1) Is dull color in some areas, rubbing marks on front leather acceptable? 2) Shortened tassels 3) Hardware discoloration/oxidation 4) Hardware scratches 5) Discolored handles 6) Interior lining pen marks or stains.

    Any further advice would be helpful.
  2. I think it depends on the person. I think "collector quality" should be *mint* condition. Perfect color, no fading, no wear, no marks, unsplit tassles, perfect handles, etc. Basically I would like it to just look like it left the store and had the tags cut off. JMHO
  3. I've found there's a very wide range in desired as well as acceptable condition for previous season, secondary market bags. Of course any older bag in mint, never been carried, condition is going to be more valuable than one with imperfections but even bags with signs of use can find good second, or third homes.

    I'm one of the collectors that likes my bags already broken-in, all slouchy and super soft to touch. If it has some minor marks then I'm less worried when I carry it and can relax and enjoy the fabulous leather. I have a very hard time using brand new bags.

    Each leather bag has their own unique personality and character that develops with time and gentle use. As long as I wouldn't describe it as "thrashed" or "stinky" I can find some love for it.

    Personally I don't care if the tassels are cut, my S/S '02 Chocolate First has shorties, but I don't like if they look like a puppy chewed on them and rolled them in dirt. The hardware is designed to look antiqued (except for the giant hardware) and I think any oxidation or natural polishing is totally fine along with minor scratches.

    Rubbing that's minor doesn't bother me and light fingernail scratches aren't a big deal. As for color variation it gives the bag a more vintage look and as long as it's a natural thing and not b/c of too much direct sun or bright light exposure which would make the bag look weird.

    Darkened handles can vary greatly from barely noticeable, just the undersides to nearly black all over which is more than I can handle [LOL!] I don't mind some patina but prefer when it blends well enough not to be overly noticeable.

    So that's my 2 cents on the subject ;o)
  4. ^I agree, if the bag is priced accordingly. What I can't deal with is noticeable fading or yellowing, and bags smelling of smoke.
  5. ^^ I agree with you both.... I would totally buy bags as "loved" or as described by RDC. (I've bought from her. ;) ) However, I would consider "Collector Quality" the top of the line. Showpiece items. Maybe I should change my vocab dictionary!
  6. For me, restored bags are a no-no, especially if they have had color redone, dyed, etc. Stinky bags, yellowing, holes are unacceptable.

    Slight warming of handles are ok, minor scuffed corners I could deal with, split tassels are fine. I guess buying pre-loved bags comes with pros and cons. If I can find a mint bbag on my 'hitlist', I'm prepared to pay a good price for it.

    Collector's quality, I agree with previous posters, should be in perfect condition!
  7. I agree with a lot of points made by "RealDeal". I also find that I enjoy the 2nd-hand bags a little more because they've been previously worn-in ... however, while I don't mind a little wear & tear, I do not expect the hardware to be falling off (or missing) ... nor do I like the leather to be so distressed that it's ripped or frayed.

    I also don't mind the "warming" of the handles so much ... as a matter of fact, I actually prefer it when they've been worn in a bit! They become much softer and more pliant (which means that I can sometimes put the bag on my shoulder versus having to carry it on my arm). However, if the handles are so "warmed" that they look greasy & dirty ... uggh :throwup: ... not a fan.

    All said ... I have to say that I'm amazed sometimes at the prices that are asked for bags that are not in *mint* condition (again - I agree with what "RealDeal" has said - it should be pretty close to "out-of-the-box/bag" to be considered *mint*). I think you have to decide what you are going to pay ... and stick to that (just like going to an auction). The market does exert some "say" over the prices as well (heck - look at how many '07 Violets & '08 Magentas are up on eBay right now!).
  8. Yes, ITA!:tup:
  9. What about for missing items?

    Like a missing mirror? or strap? or even tags and dustbag??
  10. ^^ IMO, anything that's missing (except the dustbag), devalues the bag...especially if we're talking about the shoulder strap...the tags are important for collecting a higher resale value & a missing mirror would bug me...i agree that mint condition should mean practically new out of the box (flawless & not used more than 5x)...anything that smells like smoke has no value to me...and anything that's had major repairs will have lost significant value in my a general rule, i personally steer clear of any b-bags that have been treated w/anything except "apple care" products too :girlsigh:
  11. I am super picky about my bags and don't like the idea of buying a bag that has been used by someone else. I have purchased bags on eBay and bags that were previously owned (but not really used), but only after i was sure that they were in brand-new pristine condition.
  12. I prefer bags in mint condition and have a difficult time carrying bags that are "Gently worn" if they have signs of wear. I love bags that are broken-in and slouchy, but can't deal with rubbed corners or dirty handles. A small pen mark on the inside of the bag won't bother me too much, but penmarks on the outside as well as yellowing or color-transfer are a definite no-no.
    I do like my bags to have their original dustbags, paper tags, mirrors and tassels.