Collectively, all my handbags cost $9,750 and retailed about 12,000. AGH! How bout U?

  1. I know there are thread in here asking how many bags you have, or how many you've owned, and yadda yadda yadda. But how about the value of your purses that you own, in terms of how much you paid and as something to be used as an interesting tool for comparison, figuring out how much the retail for the bags are collectively..

    After counting all my bags and calculating the approximate price (give or take a few bucks), I was quite mortified with myself! 32 handbags, 1 which cost $750, 1 which cost $700, 10 of which cost about $450-$475, 10 of which cost about 300, and 10 which were about 200 or less. I try to buy all of my bags on sale, and calculated the retail to be about 12,000, at the most 12,900.

    My collection consists of two staple pieces that are timeless, classic, and elegant (which of course are the two priciest pieces, example Marc Jacobs Blake, Venetia) 10 bags which are high quality, well made bags that function well in the day and in the night as well (most have clean, classic and simple lines and are in beautiful colors, example Botkier Bianca, RM Morning After mini, Jenny Yuen Gatsby) and 10 bags which I like to call my kick back bags that are still high quality, yet a lot more playful, casual, easier to throw around (examples include HH Nico and Lorca and Gustto Baca)

    I admit I was pleased with myself after auditing my closet. I felt I had classy bags that are beautiful, of high quality and will serve me for multiple functions whether they be school, work or whatever. Then again, I must say I was mortified! MORTIFIED! $10 grand on some bags! I think I need to go cool off..maybe I will go pet my HH nico for a while until I feel better!:yes:

    This is an eye opening experience! Try it out and let me know how it goes for you!
  2. yeah it kinda scary when i try to rough calculate the inside of my closet.
    but now i'm slowing down, i tried to buy higher end bags that i REALLY want.
    it freaked some of my friends out when i accidentally said that i have to sell one of my bag to fund a new laptop :p
  3. OMG you're brave!! There is NO WAY I'm doing that..I'm afraid if I added up all the $$ I've spent I would feel too guilty to move..Not that I regret spending the $$ on them..b/c they ARE my babies & I really do get a lot of joy & satisfaction from using them....but sometimes I feel like the materialistic side of me is somewhat shameful...especially when I watch the news and start thinking that just one of my bags would fund food for a family of four for a while...:wtf:
  4. I can't say. I mean . . . it's really embarrassing. :blush: I just can't put that kind of information in writing. My ex-husband would kill to know that figure. So would my new one . . .
  5. Don't even go there!
  6. hmmm - definitely don't want to calculate this! I was starting to feel really guilty too about all my recent purchases, but I have significantly less bags than you have posted so I feel less guilty now - lol.
  7. I'd rather stay blissfully ignorant, don't think I could cope seeing that figure in writing.
  8. Actually, I think it is quite healthy and CRUCIAL that you realize how much money you put into ANYTHING. So, I'll bite.

    These again are my bags:

    NR Hansel diaper bag in washed cognac
    Kate Rafe in Black pebbled leather
    Sherpani Major Fiori
    REI Nikola daypack
    Andrew Marc Faith bag
    CL Whiting Leaf leather clutch
    Jimmy Choo Carolina Clutch (was given as a gift from DH, but since we share accounts, it's MY money too)

    Collectively these are worth about $3800. I(including DH paid): $2800. "I" WAS FRUGAL, DH WAS NOT!!! I had only spent $800 total on my bags until that JC gift last weekend, see why I was freaking OUT!?!?!?!?

    Now, I have bought and sold MANY bags, but most of them I bought second hand and only lost shipping for $25 or so and that's almost exclusively diaper bags.

    Again, even the $800 the average middle class woman would think is very high!!!

    Now, if you add in wallets, I have spent another $160 for four wallets, but they retailed for $700.
  9. I plead the Fifth!
  10. Oh no! My list is not too bad but I still feel that money could have been better spent. Then again, what is life without some splurging and enjoyment? My bags retail for about $3800. I spent about $2300 on them.
    Some I bought for full retail, others I got on 30-50% off.
  11. Wooo! That's dangerous territory! Don't think I'm ready to face the music yet! And I'm sure it would be even worse if I considered all the bags I bought then sold a few months later (at a loss) as I was still "finding my way". :s
  12. So I've done my adding, and my total comes to around $11500 spent, value of $19000. I did give away $2000 worth of purses that didn't work for me, those were worth $4500, I guess they were great deals that weren't such a great deal if I'm not using them and giving them away. I'm still trying to pare down to only the ones I love, I guess it's all a learning experience, making mistakes and wasting money.
  13. I am starting to sweat just thinking about it.

    Off the top of my head my collection is worth retail at around $11,900, actual paid value is around $7,400.

    You know what though, I LOVE carrying those bags because they make me feel like a million dollars. I get such enjoyment each and every day from my babies.

    I spend almost nothing on clothes, putting it all in my bags. So if you see an Old Navy tshirt and Gap jeans gal walking down the street with a Fendi, BBag, Kooba or Chloe on her arm, that's me!
  14. It is crucial to realise it explicitly, at least to yourself.

    I recently calculated how much I have paid for my bags within approximately one year. The result in euros was a four-digit number and in US dollars a five-digit number... :wtf: Perhaps that was the first realisation that I should keep it cool for a while.

  15. ITA! :yes: It's scary, but I'd rather face the music and know how to manage my money than stay in the dark. I have about 10-12 bags, totaling roughly $6500 spent, retail value $13000. I'm slowing down as I love everything I have and use them all, but I love a fantastic deal on a beautiful bag!