Collections Spring 2007 Trunk Show 11/02-11/04 (SF Store)

  1. oh, i'm so there! who else is going??
  2. if we would get our sophia by then...we could meet by wearing our new marroon sophias!! would love to go...if it doesn't rain and if my 9 mos old cooperates...i'm there!:rolleyes:
    please share with us all the goodies you see!
  3. aww, that would be so fun, eisse! i'm actually going on saturday for sure - and i *think* i'm going to splurge on a hudson while i'm there :wlae:
  4. I might go as well. I can't wait!
  5. My SA is Joann, and she's a real sweetie! So helpful... Tell her Jeanie sent you!
  6. I wanna go! But I'm working all 4 of those days. Maybe I will stop by quickly during my lunch. :graucho:
  7. I'm going on Saturday. I will keep an eye out for fellow tPFers and maybe pop in to Neimans to say hello to Christine!

  8. if i'm going it would be saturday too! oooh! hudson is a nice choice!!:love:
    i'll probably be the one with kids...i hope they will be:angel:
  9. Come by and say hello! I'm always in the back across from Louis Vuitton. ;)

    It sounds like everyone is going on Saturday, maybe I should too!
  10. Oh wow, I didn't know everyone would go on Saturday. I actually did go today :P, accidentaly. I wasn't planning to see the Trunk Show but I did see it. My SA, Peter, was very friendly ;). Well have fun girls!
  11. Hope all of you will have a great time there. =)
    I went to LA store's trunk show 2 weeks ago, a lot of PATCHWORK bags were shown. If you don't like any of them, don't be disappointed yet b/c these only make up a small part of Spring 2007 items.

    Items displayed at the store for preview:
    1. PATCHWORK Stam in Ivory
    2. PATCHWORK Mariah in Slate
    3. PATCHWORK Christina in Beige
    4. PATCHWORK Raquel in Black
    5. PATCHWORK METALLIC Mariah in Bronze
    6. PATCHWORK PYTHON Raquel in Blue
    7. PATCHWORK ? Carolyn (can't remember the exact line & color)
    8. GATHERING WITH QUILTED Julianne in Beige
    9. GATHERING WITH QUILTED VERNICE (patent) Bowler in Nude

  12. what did you think of the show? what kind of goodies did you see?
  13. Lovely ladies in SF, did you have a chance to go to the trunk show? Did you have a good time? Any thoughts? =)
  14. I drove 2 hours to San Francisco just to catch a glimpse of a few of the spring bags and much to my disappointment, there were NO BAGS at the trunk show! Unbelievably, they didn't send a single bag from the spring line. The SAs were apologetic and seemed baffled as to why the clothes were sent but the bags were left behind. Argh! I guess I will just have to be patient and wait it out.