Collections Spring 2007 Trunk Show 10/20-10/21 (LA Store)

  1. Marc Jacobs Spring 2007 Trunk Show

    Date: Friday, October 20th - Saturday, October 21st
    Time: 11am - 7pm
    Marc Jacobs Collections
    8400 Melrose Place
    Los Angeles, CA 90069
    RSVP: 313-653-5100

    Preview & Reserve Spring 2007 Bags/Ready-to-Wear/...
  2. omg, I want to go! LA PF meeting at MJ!
  3. Sounds like so much fun....have a great time Helena & uhkiwi!! Report back to us on every detail!:yes:
  4. Aww!! I'm going to be out of town!! GRRRR!!
  5. Sure will. I will bring my camera (in case I can take some pictures for us) & note pad; I need to have photographic memory that day. LOL.

    Thanks Cheryl. =) I wish I could go on Friday instead of Saturday.
  6. Sounds like a great idea. =)
    Are you going?
  7. can't wait to hear about any new purchases and how the spring colors look IRL!
  8. I don't know if I can! Are you going tomorrow (Sat)?
  9. ^ Yup.
    The bags won't arrive til this afternoon, they are on their way to the store though. Luckily, I couldn't go today.
  10. I swung by the Marc Jacobs trunk show today whilst checking out the Marc by Marc store - and I must say - I was a little disappointed! Clothing-wise, I'll always invest in a piece if it looks like something I can wear over and over - but this collection seemed very deconstructed, very of-the-moment - which looks GREAT if you can pull it off - unfortunately, I can't.

    I didn't see any of the shoes with the 'kryptonite' heels, which is a shame because some look kinda cute.

    But I did see a couple of bags! The new Stam with the large triangle quilting is there in cream and should be coming in cream and black. The leather felt a bit thinner than the current Stam's... but the bag did feel lighter. I also saw the metallic sky blue python frame bags - very blingy! I've leave the full-on reporting to bag.lover since she's the reigning expert on Marc Jacobs - but they're definitely focusing on this new quilting vs. the old style.

    The resort Stams should be arriving any day now, so if anyone's looking for one, they might have some for you!
  11. Thanks for the preliminary report jbelle!! :yes: Hope you had fun!
  12. The trip wasn't too good, I was on the road for more than 4 hours -- bumper-to-bumper (almost) traffic on the way home. =(

    The Spring 07 items available for Preview are mostly from PATCHWORK lines (will write more), I didn't go OOH-AAH over them. =(

    Most of my time was spent on Resort 06 & Spring 07 Look Book, I was telling my SA that I was looking for info to share with my girlfriends. She was nice to let me study the Look Book -- I had it until closing hour. Besides the PATCHWORK (new quilting) lines which don't seem too exciting to me, there will be some beautiful looking styles from Soft Calf and Quilted Classic lines for the next 2 seasons. =)

    If you would like to order some MJ items from the LA store, please ask for Stella at 323.653.5100. =) They expect a waitlist for upcoming Quilted Classic Stam especially in Ivory.
  13. Overall, I was disappointed with the thin fabric lining (of all the ones I checked) and the leather of Gathering_with_Quilted bags -- they felt cheap to me; the leather from PATCHWORK line seems better. I wonder which type of leather is used for these lines. My SA said that these are just preview bags, the actual ones are better in quality. True?

    Items displayed at the store for preview:
    1. PATCHWORK Stam in Ivory
    Leather (very smooth) feels totally different from previous Stams.

    2. PATCHWORK Mariah in Slate
    Nice color. Leather is smooth and soft. Feels/looks like the coated leather (reminds me of his previous patent/goat leather).

    3. PATCHWORK Christina in Beige
    Nice color. Leather is smooth and soft. Feels/looks like the coated leather (reminds me of his previous patent/goat leather).

    4. PATCHWORK Raquel in Black
    Leather is soft and nice.

    5. PATCHWORK METALLIC Mariah in Bronze

    6. PATCHWORK PYTHON Raquel in Blue

    7. PATCHWORK ? Carolyn (can't remember the exact line & color)

    8. GATHERING WITH QUILTED Julianne in Beige
    The leather feels/looks cheap.

    9. GATHERING WITH QUILTED VERNICE (patent) Bowler in Nude
    Leather feels/looks cheap. Spring 06's Quilted Ursula line is so much nicer.

    Did any one else go? Maybe I just don't know what I'm talking about...