Collection weeding questions


Handbag addict
Sep 5, 2006
I hope that I am safe to assume that members of this board have multiples of designer handbags. Whether it's LV, Coach, kate Spade, marc jacobs, etc I think those on here have a 'collection' or atleast are coveting a collection of some designer or other.

I have a decent sized collection. Some are designer bags that I got at sample sales and others are bags that just caught my fancy. My bags are stored in a small extra closet in my bedroom. It is now full.

There are plenty of bags that I never give the attention that I should. My questions are these:

Do you weed out your collections and if so how often?
What do you do with the bags you no longer want? (I can't bring myself to ebay them since fakes are so rampant there)
Would you ever donate them? Is there an organiztion that would especially benefit from designer bags?

Thanks in advance

I don't wear any of my non-designer bags anymore. It wasn't really a conscious decision that I made to 'weed' out these bags but it just happened:smile: :rolleyes:
Ummm... dunno how long you've been around but I believe you can ask Vlad to let you into the market place... there you may be able to get some of your designer bags off that you don't carry.

Donation is nice, but I dunno... when I get ready to get rid of pieces I'd like to do it here cause I know that some other purse crazy lady like myself will get them, enjoy and take care of them. So maybe you need to get into contact with Vlad.

Hi, I had a Mulberry phase that has passed (a few years since now) plus some Luella (that Mulberry connection again) bags, and various experiments gone wrong. I used ebay successfully but then had my fingers burned with non-paying sellers. However, I continue to polish those bags with a view to sharing designer love with a bona fide bag loving person out there. Meanwhile, I live in a fairly smart area that has two very fussy, but reliable, designer wear shops that sell authentic, excellent condition clothes and accessories who are my new best friends! It allows me to feel I can expand my collection . . .
Hi Lara,

One of the first designers I got into was Burberry. I have dresses, a watch, bag, and coats. However after I got into LV, Gucci and Prada, I no longer liked my Burberry print. I never touched it again (I do use my rain coat though) so I decided to give the rest away.

A friend of mine that went to law school with me, helped me study for the bar exam. She came over my house night after night, after night and would not take any money. So, a month or so after the bar, I gave her my Burberry collection (minus the coat).

I am only holding onto the things that I believe will be collectables. Otherwise I am all for giving it away to a friend who deserves it, for whatever reason.
I too was disapointed with ebay as a place for my "unused bits and pieces to go to. I wanted them to go to a place where they would be appreciated. I give them away bit by bit to friends and family who are thrilled. My sister is currently carrying an older Coach bag and a friend a Prada in a color that I could never make work. It makes me happier seeing them out and about.