Collection size..what do you think is a perfect size for an LV collection...

  1. When I first fell in love with LV I really thought about how to put together a modest functional collection within a reasonable price range has well and this is what I came up with...

    one hand helded mono canvas...the one that I chose was the speedy30(icon)
    one shoulder mono canvas...the lovely lockit horizontal (icon and good price point)
    pouchette accessoire...dual purpose evening clutch or placed on the d ring in my handbag and filled with daily items
    wallet...pouchette groom because wanted mono...wanted LE and love red
    mono cles...seems like a staple
    vernis red cles..ordered it because it is red and thought that it would go nicely with my red it is dressy and the patent is yummy( the red vernis was not necessary but, a little extra to add to my collection and bit the bullet and went for it because the colour is now discontinued...vernis cles are a tad bit too pricey but, are patent)

    there you have my pics for a small collection that is functional and can take you from day to night...dressy to casual...and a bit of colour my fav red...

    Now I have some cc debt but, feel that over the last few months I got some good basics that are more LV for at least a few months or until cc's are paid off but, overall I am happy with what I got and thought I would post for newbies looking to start a small collection...

    what do others think are perfect starter items for someone new to LV who does not have unlimited funds...this thread could be helpful...thanx
  2. I always think that one mono, one damier and one epi piece is a good place to start.
    For specifics, I would probably recommend the bh, a damier saleya and an epi soufflot, speedy or alma.
  3. Perfect size? Every item LV has ever made!!

    Hehe, joking (well, only sort of! ;))

    I think a good collection would include enough pieces to get you through everyday. For example, a bag (like the BH) that can carry a laptop or files for work/interviews/school, a bag for going out (pochette/wapity), a pouch/wallet for essentials (cles or an actual wallet), a casual versatile bag (speedy/noe/pucket). And then one or two things that you love but aren't neccessarily the MOST versatile.

    ^ I think that's all you NEED....and then you can work on all your wants. ;)
  4. Definitely a speedy of some sort-even more than one.
    I started a couple of years ago with a sonatine-for going out with hubby, a black 30 epi speedy, a 30 damier speedy and a mini lin speedy. I have one tote-chelsea damier, which I love.
    I think for me a red alma and maybe a damier azur speedy and then thats my colllection. I'll have one for very occasion.
    Oh, a pocket agenda, damier for checkbook and a couple of cles and scarves. i WANT ONE FULL SIZE WALLET,EPI .
    I want other things -car, finish with kids education, retirement.......
  5. Hmmm....I think maybe one or two pieces from each of the classic shapes and/or prints might be really nice. Like I wouldn't mind 1 small and 1 large bag-Small for a night out, and the larger bags for day to day. I think anything from the mono, damier, epi, and m/c that would be functional. The trendier (mirroir/leopard) really wouldn't get a lot of use as it's flashy and pricey for my taste. But the styles I mentioned would get many years of use and would be worth every penny, so I would say 8-10 LV bags is a good size collection IMO. :smile:
  6. I think you need some sort of small LV agenda.
  7. Well for me I have:

    Mono Keepall 50 (for travel)

    Batignolles Horizontal (for everyday)

    Speedy 25 (for casual outings, evenings out - dinner, the movies, etc)

    Graffiti Pochette (for nights out at the club/bar)

    Pochette Wallet (cuz everyone needs a LV wallet)

    To me this is a perfect collection and all that I need (although there is more that I want). :P
  8. First you can start with a shoulder everyday bag, perhaps the BH, then you can add a fun colored bag, it can be shoulder or handheld, a Soufflot or Speedy? if you really start get in to LV addiction then you can add a small item, like cosmetic bag or agenda.
    Soon you will know what LV line you love the most, then you can add more pieces in different colors or shapes.
    Collection size is not the most important thing, what is important if you love and use what you have, then not matter what size is it, it is a smart collection:yes:
  9. I would say -

    1 handheld (speedy 30 for me)

    1 shoulder bag (hudson gm w/ shorter strap for me, but also like the PH)

    1 damier bag (speedy 25 for me, but also like the pap 30 or belem pm)

    1 vernis piece (fuschia reade pm for me)

    1 epi piece (don't have one yet, but want a mandarin noe)

    1 wallet or agenda (don't have one yet)

    1 bag to wear at night (mono wapity or reade pm for me, not a fan of pouchettes)

    1 small MC accessory (don't have one yet, but want a Black MC wapity)
  10. I started with grafitti pochette, panda pochette, panda agenda, panda cles, then first real bag, MC Black Lodge, then Indigo Agenda, added Indigo Bedford, Framboise Zippy, Framboise Brentwood then went Vernis crazy and started adding ebay items. ... Recently, I have added a cles or two and another agenda. I would also love to have a classic Red Epi Alma, I think all of my pieces will get years and years of use... I'm investing for the long term...
  11. As many as possible! :lol: But I'm really happy with my collection right now:
    Recital (evening)
    Speedy 25 (daytime casual)
    Saleya PM (business or daytime, can be shoulder bag too)
    Perfo cles (used as a wallet)

    Now all I really "need" is a shoulder tote like a cabas mezzo. :flowers:
  12. Agreed. I think after I get a PH I might finish off my LV handbag collection; I already have enough vintages. Note the words "think" and "might" :graucho:; I didn't exclude accessories, though! I know I've been eyeing the damier and epi collection, but there's only so much that I can have. Maybe in the future I'll get a black epi alma (does this exist?) and a damier speedy, but that will be a looooonnnnggg ways off (I might just get the accessories in these collections). I'd rather buy LV for my mom; the spending feels much better that way.
  13. What a great topic! I have traveled away from LV for a bit after a year and a half obsession. At some point it just seems impractical and unexciting (to me) to have lots of bags in the same print, even though I do like them a lot.

    So, here's what I'd recommend:

    1. Mono speedy (a must)
    2. Across the body or shoulder bag - basically anything hands-free (I love my musette salsa)
    3. One damier piece (I want the damier speedy)
    4. One epi piece (mandarin speedy)
    5. Wallet (mandarin)
    6. Maybe an agenda (framboise)
    7. Tote/bigger bag (BH)
    8. Pochette

    So, I guess that I have pretty much everything on my essentials list except the damier speedy. Perhaps that's why I'm taking a break for a bit. Well, that and I'm broke!
  14. I think a well-rounded collection should have:
    1 handheld (have Duomo) and 1 shoulder bag for work (want Segur MM)
    1 handheld (want Pont Neuf) and 1 shoulder bag for play (want Saleya PM)
    1 for evening (have mini Ellipse)

    I'm not too fussed by the wallets because they aren't that much less than a bag!
  15. I'd say

    Mono Speedy 25 (everyday bag)

    Damier papillon 26 (for slightly dressier casuals)

    Batignolles Horizontal or Damier Saleya (for the office/work)

    Pochette in any line(for the evening)