collection signatures*

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  1. looking at everyone's collection signature inspired me to make my own. :yes:

    hahahha. it was boredom, i supposed.

    i tried to fit as much as i could
    BUT i just have way too much burberry stuff
    to fit in one picture so i didnt even get to include my burberry apparel
    nor ANY of my other collection from other designers. :Push:


    no really. i wanna see yours.

  2. Wow! What a fantastic collection you have!

    Mine would be such a boring picture... I've only got a trench and a black dress... no bags, shoes or other accessories. But I am just loving yours!!!:yes:
  3. That is a fab collection...your name doesn't lie! You are definetly a Burberry Addict! I would love to have a collection like that one day
  4. You have a great collection. So far I only have a scarf, but I can't wait to add a bag soon.