Collection of Coach catalogues

  1. I have a big pile of Coach catalogues, about one year's worth. I don't know how I ended up with all of these -- they always stick them in the bag when I buy something, or they mail them to me, so I actually have more than one set! I am keeping one set for myself. It is fun to go back and look at the bags and photography, esp if I am wondering how much something originally cost!

    I would hate to just toss them out ... do you guys think I should just put them up on ebay or something? I dunno if there is a demand for these tho... hmm
  2. it looks like there is some demand

    it might be fun to do a random giveaway on the forum if some don't sell...I'm sure Coach collectors would love it!
  3. I would like them if you decide to do a giveaway :shame: I just love the pictures, I only have two catalogs so far. One from Winter '05 and Spring/Summer '06. I wish I had them with me now just to drool over past styles. Unfortunately theyre in NC at the moment :sad:
  4. During my move in December I threw away a I kinda wish I didn't just because when I go shopping at the outlets I like to come home & see the original price & see how much of a price cut I got. But I started a pile again & I have about 4.
  5. I always just give then to my girlfriends when I'm finished with them. Same thing with my magazines. They just go into a pile that I give away b/c I hate wasting them. I just keep passing them on.
  6. Oooh that reminds me, the only other Coach fan I know (IRL) is about to move away and I am seeing her on Sunday! She might appreciate this as a gift :biggrin:
  7. I'm going to start saving my catalogues, too. I'm really enjoying looking through the two that I have. The only other catalogues/magazines I save religiously are Ikea catalogues. I have all of them since 1997 and I still like to get decorating ideas from them whenever I go on a cleaning/organizing binge :biggrin: .
  8. I used to keep those and office depot catologs...not sure why though:lol: I recently just threw them all out because all together it was so big it took up like a whole shelf....oh well, maybe i will start again