Collection of a young, humble and hungry~

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  1. Hi everyone! New to this forum; my love for handbags and designer goods has stemmed from when I was in middle school coveting Coach and D&B bags... My parents are extremely generous and loving and I couldn't tell you how grateful I am for everything they've given to me; but a handbag for me would be the last thing my mom would indulge a young girl on, let alone to upgrade her own personal bags.

    And after 22 years of existence, I'm excited to have recently grown an extremely modest collection all by myself. My parents have never supported any endeavors in my luxury goods, and neither has my boyfriend (and I would never expect that of him), so this is my collection as stands so far. Shout out to my ladies who also are solo supporters of their luxury fashion tastes, you're noble and not alone

    I'm so excited to share my collection to a community as passionate about handbags as myself Can't wait to keep adding my new handbags as I can comfortably afford. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460747312.861389.jpg

    Will possibly upload better pictures later. But there's nothing I love more than being a member of TPF and seeing candid shots of a purse collection ️ Thanks all!
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  2. lovely bags in your collection!
  3. You have a lovely collection that will surely grow even more so with time. Thank you very much for sharing.
  4. That white YSL. So beautiful.

    Excellent selection.
  5. Thank you everyone for your kind words. ️
  6. Love your celine belt. What is that colour called?
  7. Your collection is so gorgeous! Love everything! :loveeyes:

  8. The color is Taupe or Dune, the SA couldn't decide what it was called ~ This season, I saw white, black, forest green, royal blue, gray, and cherry red grained leather on the shelves. The gray is new this season but! The taupe with the gold hotstamp logo was just so stunning in person, I couldn't bring myself to wait for the gray. thank you everyone for your kind words.
  9. You have fantastic taste, beautiful classic choices
  10. Gorgeous collection!! 🏻🏻🏻🏻
  11. gorgeous collection!
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    Yay! We are bag twins with the black YSL!! In fact I'm going out to dinner tonight and I plan to use that! Such a nice piece.

    Grats on your collection! Hats off to you for saving and buying them all yourself! That's quite an achievement!

    Your collection will quadruple soon enough! Just you wait.. Haha. May all our bag dreams come true!!
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  13. ones of the top choices to make in terms of current bags! love your style!
  14. Beautiful collection - thanks for sharing!
  15. Love you collection. I can without a doubt relate. I am 19, 20 in June, and have bought all of my luxury good myself. Including the Celine luggage! I'm in love with your belt bag! How do you like it on a day to day basis? Is it easy to use? Or is there anything About it you wish you could change?
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