Collection of a French Girl

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  1. Hi everyone ! I'm a 21 years old girl and I love designers bags and accessories :heart:

    I started my collection when I was 18 and I complete it every year. Enjoy :smile:

    For my 18, my parents offered me a Burberry scarf in cashemere. Beginning of a long story ...

    Echarpe en cachemire de chez Burberry.jpg

    For my 19, I received a scarf and a wallet from Louis Vuitton. I was very happy and began to be a Louis Vuitton fan.

    Pochette Damier Azur de chez Louis Vuitton.jpg Porte-clés de chez Louis Vuitton.jpg Carré Imprimé Monogram de chez Louis Vuitton (1).jpg Carré Imprimé Monogram de chez Louis Vuitton (2).jpg
  2. nice start!
  3. Then, in January 2008, I need a purse. Go to Gucci store !

    Portefeuille de chez Gucci.jpg

    For my success in the exams, my parents offered me the bag about which I dreamed : a Speedy !

    Sac Speedy 30 Damier Ebène de chez Louis Vuitton.jpg

    Three months later, I bought a Mono Neverfull MM.

    Sac Neverfull MM Monogram de chez Louis Vuitton.jpg

    And in the same month, I bought this lovely bracelet. I ran in all Paris to buy it, it was the last !

    Bracelet Inclusion de chez Louis Vuitton (1).jpg Bracelet Inclusion de chez Louis Vuitton (2).jpg
  4. Lovely Collection! :heart:
  5. Very nice!
  6. One month later (yeah, I'm a shopaholic), I bought these Chloe sunglasses.

    Lunettes de soleil de chez Chloé.jpg

    In September 2009, my parents offered me the best thing I have in my wardrobe : a Burberry Trench-Coat.

    Trench-Coat de chez Burberry.jpg

    For my 21, I received my Muse purse. I couldn't wait Xmas to have the bag !

    Portefeuille Muse de chez Yves Saint Laurent.jpg

    Xmas !

    Sac Muse de chez Yves Saint Laurent.jpg

    For my last purchase, a Miu Miu. I hesitated between a Paraty and a Marcie but my mum prefered this one. Always listen mum to make good pruchases LoL

    Sac Paloma de chez Miu Miu.jpg
  7. Special gifts

    My mum gave me her scarves from Hermès and Celine but my favorite is this one :

    Carré Arabesque de chez Hermès.jpg

    And this bracelet from Hermès too :

    Bracelet de chez Hermès.jpg

    It's the most beautiful presents which we were able to make me up to here.
  8. Love the trench! Great collection
  9. Lovely, french girl!
  10. Thanks everyone :smooch:
  11. Lovely collection, I especially love the trench and the YSL bag :smile:.
  12. I love your collection!! Especially love your Burberry trench!
  13. Beautiful collection ! Your Chloe bag is :nuts: :nuts:

    Love the Burberry's trench too ...
  14. Very nice collection....I especially like your speedy....that's on my wish list.
  15. love your collection! your parents seem darling :tender: