Collection of a 24 yr old designer addict

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  1. Sorry about the picture quality, I used my iphone
    But here is my collection =)
    Its the first time I took them all out together!
    Took me 1/2 hour to take them all out
    The group Shot
    Hermes: Herline, Herbag Orange & Red, Valparaiso
    Fendi Spy Bag
    Louis Vuitton: Robert Wilson Reade MM, Saumur 30, Perforated Speedy, Mini Lin Sac Plat (I think its called something else), Gange, Robert Wilson Reade PM, Papilon, Cherry Blossom Retro, Mini Pleaty, Damier Geronimos
    YSL Bow Bag
    Burberry: 2 Burberry Blue Label from Japan, One Burberry from Japan
    Chloe Paddington, my newest edition
  2. [​IMG]
    Gucci: both are from 5 years ago
    Dior Saddle Bag
    Small Accessories
    Jewelry: LV earrings, Hermes necklace, Dior Necklace, T&Co Necklaces, T&Co Ring, Prada Pin, Gucci Ring, LV Watch, YSL Bracelet, Chanel Bracelet, LV Speedy Keychain, LV Bracelet
    And my lil tokidoki collection

  3. great collection !
  4. Thanks :smile:
    My bf thinks I have issues hehe
    He just doesn't understand :smile:
  5. Wow, I love your collection! :nuts:

    Great bags and great accessories too!
  6. Woah!!! you have soooooo many bags!!! They're all so beautiful!
    I have a tokidoki hello kitty wallet too, but the smaller size!! I love it!!!
  7. Gorgeous collection!
  8. Wow.....what a fantastic the variety.
  9. great collection/.thanks for sharing
  10. Great collection...and so many LEs. Congrats!! Especially love your spy bag and damier geronimos
  11. great collection! love all your accessories!
  12. Thanks :smile:
    I'm collecting the Murakami LEs as I can find them. I was in high school when they came out and my mom wouldn't buy them for me so I couldn't get them he he
  13. awesome collection, thx u 4 sharing
  14. Beautiful collection! :rochard:
  15. thanks! glad you like it;)