collection of a 14 year old guy

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  1. hi everyone, this is my first post on tpf and i hope u guys enjoy
    My collection started in July of 2008 and got my first lv (mono wallet & keepall) for my 14th b day
    In my collection
    -damier pegase 60
    -mono keepall 50
    -damier bastille
    -damier graphite briefcase w/ white handles
    -geant mini citadin in terre
    -monogramouflage iphone case
    -monogramouflage belt
    -evidence sunglasses
    -mono wallet
    -damier graphite card holder

  2. Awesome collection! :woohoo:
  3. you are 14 n have such a great taste n great collection?? CONGRATS!:woohoo:
  4. Wow, great collection for 14!
  5. Neat!
  6. You have an awesome collection. :tup:
  7. Nice collection, i can't wait to see it keep on growing.
  8. nice collection..
  9. Nice collection, im curious how were you able to get that much O_O;
  10. Well....a keepall and a wallet were my birthday gifts. next came my pegase, my dad won some money in vegas and bought me and my mom luggage. the damier graphite with white handles was a christmas from my parents. then came my bastille which i had been saving up for 2 years and finally got it! the card case was a present for getting a 4.5 gpa on my report card. evidence sunglasses was money that i got from a garage sale. earned citadin money by selling some old clothes... and i took money out of my savings to buy a camo belt and iphone case:smile:
  11. wow, you have a very nice collection. That was a VERY good 14th bday gift.
  12. :tup: to your 4.5 gpa, not many people can do it like you. with that comes rewards, you deserve it:tup:.

    Nice explanation btw, it really helps us know where you're comin from :biggrin:.
  13. Wow congrats on your dad, my dad never won anything coming home from the casino and :tup: to your GPA.
  14. Great collection!
  15. Very nice... and impressive!! You got great taste for a young'n hehe