Collection Evolution

  1. Anyone else experience this....I started out with some basics...great everyday bags. I gfind myself drooling more and more over the super limited pieces.
    The Dentelle speedy is my most expensive piece so far (my MC speedy was bought used)...but I find myself lusting after things like the Stephen.
    I can't justify having my current collection + buying these I often contemplating downgrading my collection to have a couple of these bags.

    Anyone else feel this way? Have you done this (smaller collection with more 'high-end' pieces)?
  2. I know what you mean about moving to the LTD EDT's this year I've only bought LTD EDT (with the exception of shirley) after they've all been released then I'll consider the PERM collections but right now there is no rush.

    I couldn't sell my babies though
  3. I have yet to get into the LE items. Since my basic collection is not yet complete, it may be awhile until I get into the LE pieces. However, I do like to look at those pieces.
  4. I only wish I could afford it all!
    I get somewhat nervous carrying the more limited pieces so I'm trying to buy the more limited accessories for my bags & just keep the bags basic. That seems to work for me.
  5. I mostly like basic simple pieces but that's just me, i dont like busy styles, i dont know, maybe i'm just boring !!!
  6. Although I have yet to let go of my other pieces, I'm with ya on the LE boat.
  7. I'd never get rid of my others, but since I have all my basics, I do find myself more drawn toward the LE pieces.
  8. I prefer the more timeless and classic LV because they're not so trendy and not as expensive. But if that's what your heart desires, I say go for it!! Life is too short, get what you want (as long as you can afford it)!!! I recently sold 5 other non LV designer bags because they were collecting dust...I don't miss any of them. Good Luck!! :smile:
  9. yes yes...I know how you feel...I bought four mono regular edition bags and wish I would have just bought one super fabulous mono limited edition bag...I cannot afford more bags so no shopping just regrets...may sell some of mine but, not sure how and I do not trust eBay...
  10. I am just like you, basic and conservative. :wlae:
  11. I am usually a simple girl too.....but something about the LE bags is drawing me in!

    I also need some Suhali!
  12. May be this would be a new challenge for you.
  13. I don't know what it is tonight....I'm feeling like simplifying life and having a few gorgeous drop dead pieces, a couple smaller LE pieces, & the basics. And then sometimes I think I love the mountains of brown boxes in my closet and don't want to downsize! ACK!
  14. i definitely know what you're feeling. i think i have all the basics i need and rather spend more time on the LE items now.
  15. I'm more of a simple LV girl myself too!