Collection Complete?

  1. Do you ever plan to complete your collection and rotate bags or do you like to keep adding and sometimes selling some?
    I was thinking about this and to make my collection complete, I would like a black leather Coach. Of course, this could all change if I see something new and fall in love!
  2. I think purse collections are never truly complete...there will always be a new bag that I want maybe coach or maybe a different brand. There are some that are a great addition and will get lots of use, but never one that will be completing the whole collection forever.
  3. My collection will never be complete. There's always going to be something else I want. I've sold a couple bags but I keep almost all of them I buy.
  4. i'll keep on selling and buying new stuff until the day i die.
  5. My collection will never be complete and unlike some of the others I haven't sold any. It could be because my collection is small and mostly consist of leather items that IMO will never go out of style.
  6. My Collection will never be complete. There is always a New Coach Bag
    that I want. Sometimes nothing will speak to me for several years. I am
    down to seven Coach Bags. I gave three away to a friend and have sold two. I am loving the New Legacy in whiskey and have the shoulder bag.
    I hope to purchase the Ali Bag in Whiskey in early March. I just really love
    collecting bags and shoes in particular. I really like being able to choose a bag to go with my outfit on any given day. Although I must say that the Legacy Shoulder bag in whiskey goes with everything and it is such a tasteful
    handbag. :rolleyes:
  7. My collection is also small but I have thought about this. Not sure just what i will do....I do know that i will continue to buy the things I like also. I'll also carry the bags that I have.
  8. I do think that my collection is Complete, as far as having a nice bag for every occassion. I do not NEED anymore. Therefor I will only buy probably 2 bags a year. So yes it will keep growing, but if need be I do have a completed and good collection of bags. I have never sold any of my bags and doubt I ever will.
  9. Nor do I but that unfortunately that doesn't seem to stop me. :p

    My collection will never be "complete" either. There have been times, like with my legacy bags, when I think there will never be a more perfect purse for me and how could I ever want anything else? Then, lo and behold, some other delight is introduced and I go through the same process over again. I sell bags that I stop using so my collection never gets too big and because of that I can always justify buying more. :shame:
  10. Some of the new bags remind of older bags. The Carly reminds me of a hobo I have without the hardware. I have a patchwork from last summer and although I loved this years holiday patchwork, I don't really want 2 p/ws. The signatures totes are updated often. I want to be careful of not buying the same bag over and over and make sure there is something about each one that makes it stand out. Thanks for participating!
  11. It will never be finished. I can't see myself stopping anytime soon. With all the new bags that come out every season it would be so hard to. I'm slowing down right now b/c I haven't really fell in love w/ anything lately & I have to get glasses & other boring stuff. I have to put my priorities in perspective.
  12. I don't know that I'll ever be done - Coach keeps coming out with things I like and I'm gearing up for a real "high end" purchase for my 35th bday, so I'm hoping to branch my collection out to other designers too.
  13. I keep convincing myself AND my DH that my collection is complete- I have 14 bags!! My Whiskey Ali is supposed to be the last!! Somehow, we BOTH don't believe it!! Coach keeps sabotaging me by coming out with FABULOUS purses. :shrugs:
  14. I will always buy coach/purses until I can't anymore. Some bags get sold and then I just buy more! :p
  15. I'd like to say my collection is complete so my wallet can breath a sigh of relief but I know that I'll find something else that I like. But I am slowing down on my purchases now that I've found Coach and gotten some bags that I really love. I'd prefer to keep my collection under 10 to 12 bags though. More than that and I don't see how I could use them all.