Collection Complete..maybe?

  1. This a list of all my LV items. I can't think of anything else I want now.

    Zippy wallet
    T&B mini p
    Speedy 30
    Sac Plat

    Speedy 30

    I think I am going to get rid of the BH and Sac plat.
  2. ^ Get rid of the BH? Awh, it's such a nice thing!
  3. I have only used it maybe 4 times since I bought it.
  4. get a ribera or duomo! yaaaayyy!
  5. I think your collection is very satisfying. I too would get rid of the 2 pieces that don't get much use.
  6. great collection, but possibly add something from the MC line?
  7. Okay, then I should also get rid of it...
  8. sounds like a great collection, too bad you don´t use the BH that much - it´s such a great bag. But if you don´t use them you should definately get rid of them ....
  9. I always thought that the BH would be a completely useful bag, but there's always something else (limited) that I end up getting first.

    But, if you're not using it, get rid of it and get something else you think you would use more.

    Your collection sounds lovely and well rounded.
  10. if you had to get rid of one, get rid of the Sac Plat first. as far as i can see the Batignolles Horizontal is the only shoulder bag in your collection right now, and one day when you need your hands free and a shoulder bag to carry everything but the kitchen sink you'll be glad you still have it.

    is there ever such a thing as a 'complete' collection though? :lol:
  11. Exactly, there's never a complete collection! LOL!!!
  12. ^ Agreed :graucho:
    I hope to start my collection ASAP and just keep collecting untill I'm so old I can't hold them anymore and I have to hang them onto my rollator.
  13. You've got a terrific collection going.
  14. Oh this is just my LV collection..I still have Gucci, Chanel, Hermes and Burberry.
  15. I love your collection:smile:. I think it's great when someone else says they're complete...I feel the same way about my collection right now and people just don't get it when I say I'm totally satisfied.

    Anywhoo, good for you! And if you think you need to get rid of the BH & the Sac Plat you should do it. More money in your LV wallet is always a good thing.