Collection Agency for Non-paying bidders??

  1. HI ladies,

    I ran across an eBay auction today where the seller had a disclaimer that read:

    It then listed the name and website of the collection agency, which stated that their sole purpose was to go after non-paying bidders, including adding negative marks to their credit report.

    Has anyone else heard of this or use these services? Do you think this will really stop NPB? Ok, for the record, I always pay for my auctions :graucho: but I wonder financially does this make sense and is this compatible with eBay's current NPB resources availible?
  2. If that is legit that would be great! I have never seen that before.
  3. Well the thing is by signing up to eBay you are signing an agreement that your bids are legal binding and as such I guess you could send a debt collector after someone. Whether it would be fruitful I don't know.....
  4. I hadn't seen it before either until I ran across an auction. I thought it was interesting however, I do wonder.......what if a sellers filed a NPB and then sent the buyer to a collection agency. Say for WHATEVER reason, Ebay finds that the NPB was filed unjustly and removed it - what would make the seller then go back and stop the collection process? Ebay can't since those services are through an unaffiliated 3rd party.
  5. I wish I could remember the name of this one site I looked into awhile only seems good for high volume sellers though.

    ETA: here it is-