Collection advice


Mar 5, 2009
I want to make room in my wardrobe for a Neverful Daier Ebene and need to move on another bag or two to make way. I am pretty set on selling one of my Mulberry Bayswaters - either to oak or black. They're so heavy and I love canvas totes for how ell they suit my lifestyle right now with small kids.

You can look at my current small collection and see what I already have, so whether an oak or black bayswater would be the better to keep - I like them both and can't decide.

I have a couple of other fun small bags on wish list, but I need a workhorse to replace the Longchamp I carry 90% of the time!



Sky Luma
Sep 23, 2010
You have a lovely collection!

Which Bayswater to keep is difficult! Oak is very much Mulberry, but black is great because it hides marks and when you want something a bit more professional. When would you normally take out the Bayswater to use? That could help you decide.