Collection a la Cristina

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  1. This is my collection. The photos are in order of most recent purchase :biggrin: Sorry if the photos are terrible, I'm an awful photographer!

    LV Vintage Speedy 25
    Whiskey Chloe Paddington
    LV Damier Papillon 26

    Attached Files:

  2. Oh the pictures are just fine! I really like the whiskey paddy!
  3. Love them!!! I owned the speedy until someone took it off my hands now I could choke myself it was a vintage in great condition! And most have read I own the damier and just love yours too!:love:
  4. Love your bags! I rarely see a damier papillion bag- something unique.
  5. Great collection, Cristina!
  6. LOOOOOVE the whiskey!!!!!!!
  7. whiskey color is a beauty, love that damier:biggrin:
  8. Thanks everyone :biggrin: Here are some more :love:

    Dooney & Bourke Nile Collection Small Business Tote in pink
    Coach Hamptons Suede Buckle Hobo in green
    Burberry Small Tote
    Dooney & Bourke It Collection Wide Tassel Tote with Alto Trim




  9. It was my first LV purchase. I love it :love: My mom adores it, she is always asking to borrow it when I visit.
  10. Very good looking and A Great mix!
  11. I like the individuality in your bags, they all have a funky cool vibe to them. :amuse:
  12. Love the whiskey paddy, it's beautiful !
  13. Thanks :biggrin: I like having bags that are different from one another, since a different bag can completely change the look of an outfit. I'm the exact opposite about clothes, though. If I find a sweater or pair of pants I like, I buy three in different colors :lol: I have three pairs of "Editor" style pants from Express in cream, black and tan.
  14. Great collection. Love that cute green hobo!
  15. You sure got that Speedy quick!! Congratuations! :biggrin:

    Is it everything you thought it would be?