Collecting Trends

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  1. So I'm on my fourth pair of loubies and I've just noticed that all four are closed-toe, closed-heel pumps, 100mm and above. Decolletes, Declics, New Simples, and Pigalles - AND I'm hankering for some ronrons now. I've always known that I'm not a fan of snake/croc skin, and I love patent and suede, but it finally occurred to me that I must not like showing my toes or heels! :nogood: Although, my big exception is Lady Gres - which I think are so gorgeous.

    What are your collecting trends (conscious or subconscious)? Or do you like everything?
  2. I'm kinda forced to only choose the lower heeled ones.
  3. I tend to like closed-toe attention-getters--bright colors, eye-catching designs, super high heels. I still would love a pair of Madeleines, though.
  4. I'm all over the place-kind of like every other aspect of my life!
  5. I dont have a trend. Just buy what i like!! I dont really want more than 1 or 2 of the same style .. only exceptions being VP's and Catwomans.

    I recently bought patent teal Ron Ron's which i love so i recommend Ron Ron's!!
  6. ^I know! I tried on lilac suede ronrons at Costa Mesa and am so in love!

    You can probably tell from the closed-toe, closed-heel thing, I'm just wee bit neurotic :rolleyes: - so my friends think LOL
  7. Me too rdgldy! :P

    I do really love the Ron Ron as well...and the teal is sooo gorgeous!
  8. Oh! Except I don't have a single pair of sling backs so I guess I do have somewhat of a trend going on...
  9. No slingbacks for me at all. They just don't work.

    I notice that my 85mm shoes are both colors that didn't come in the 100mm+ and that's probably why I bought them. I don't wear them though so maybe I will have to do an SO w/ those colors.
  10. I'm all over the place :nuts: except 120 w/o platform and double platform
  11. I think I like the VP/NP/Yoyo style the best. I have 16 pair of those (VP and NP being the most popular style). Its just sad that its hardly ever sunny where I live.
  12. i have noticed that i have a major thing for closed back peeptoes... and exotics.... DANGEROUS :death: habit!
  13. I think the sexiest shoes on the planet are d'Orsays. However, I like slingback and slides the best. Slides because they never give me a blister and I can kick them off quick. Same for slingbacks. I tend to love peep-toes for some silly reason. The main thing for me is variety----I have a no duplicate look rule and I rarely break it.
  14. i buy whatever i like so i've got a bit of everything.. but i'm particularly careful/picky when it comes to peep toes/open toes because i have pretty long toes and i don't want that thing happening where you see toes hanging off the edges of the shoes.. so yucky!!

    sdesaye- i agree with the no duplicate rule.. if i'm gonna spend that much on a pair of shoes, i better not have something similar in the closet! i even hesitated when i was buying my patent black decollettes because i have patent black pigalles, but i needed (ok, WANTED) a pair of COMFY patent black CLs, so i went for it.. otherwise, i try to get as many different colours/styles in as possible
  15. My trend is neutral colors with a twist and the design of VPs and NPs. I am trying to decide what to do next as far as color is concern.