Collecting the same scarf but different colors?

  1. I seem to be having a love affair with "Axis Mundi" and I could see collecting this one in many different color-ways.

    Anyone else do this? Or is it just my attempt to give Muffin something to do (like she needs it.......:rolleyes: )
  2. I am also a multiples-collector. If I like a pattern, I usually like more than one colorway and have trouble choosing just one.
  3. I'm a job on Red berries collecting in two colourways and multiple incarnations: twillies, carré, plissé and maaaybe the mousseline
  4. ooooooo.....the "Red Berries"! Muffin bought me the deep brown/fushia colorway a few weeks ago and it's fantastic!
  5. I am doing this with .....Belles du Mexique

    Love it!
  6. I try really hard to talk myself out of doing that. I tell myself that the only way I'd buy more than one scarf in the same design is A if the design's really special, B if the colorways make them look completely different.
  7. Until recently, i've had no interest in doing this. But I LOVE Belles du Mexique!
  8. For some reason, Danse du Cosmos is having the same effect on me. It's killing me not to buy it in the black and blue colors too. It's the first time I've had any trouble picking a single one.
  9. Oh, and I must state that I do NOT consider silk twill and mousseline same scarves, even in the same design and same colorway. (I think I am kidding myself, aren't I)
  10., Tods. But I think the same way and this is why I have one regular Bolduc and one Pochette (same colors) and one Legende Kuna big AND small. Oiy....
  11. guilty guilty guilty.

    But when a pattern works, why not? Diff c/ws allow for black, brown, navy or grey base colors....I have a lot of doubles and a few "more-than-twos" patterns. The intricate patterns really intrique me.

    Axis Mundi is a great example. I'd collect other c/ws in that pattern if they worked for me - many of those c/ws are warm colors. I have it in a blue/green twill and a violet/loden GM cashmere. I'd LOVE to find another twill that works for me.
  12. Yes, if I love a design and the various colour options, I would have no problem buying more of the same design in different colours.
  13. Part of it for me though is that the colors MUST work for my skin-tone. I've purchased my fair share of scarfs for design only and wound up selling them because they don't work for me. So, now I try very hard to purchase only those colorways that flatter me......and sometimes this cuts out alot of scarves I might otherwise own!!!!
  14. I have different colorways in Tohu Bohu and Kachinas. Even going to far as to do the Twilly as well! If you love a particular design I see no reason why you shouldn't get it in any colorway that appeals to you.
  15. i'm doing that with the les triples pouchettes right now but i'm not sure its the smartest idea for me personally. i was thinking they would look nice framed all together....