Collecting Hermes - and what else?

  1. I am curious to know: we all admit that we collect Hermes obsessively, but what else do we collect? I would love to know where our collecting habits extend to, because I'm sure that it isn't limited to Hermes, since the very act of appreciating Hermes indicates that we enjoy beautiful craftsmanship and great design.

    My other obsession: Keith Murray art deco ceramics....
    What are your other collections?
  2. FABERGE EGGS!!!!! :nuts: :yahoo: I also used to collect doujinshis, but that was back in my university days.
  3. I used to collect Bakelite Jewellery (I've got enough now!) and Lucite Purses.

    I also collect books on Grace Kelly. I'm very proud to say I own every book (that I know of!) ever published in First Edition.

    I've got a collection of Lewis Carroll First Editions, too......yep...Alices Adventures in Wonderland, First Edition!:yahoo:
  4. Chanel jackets, vintage and new. Vintage bags, costume pins and bakelite bracelets. Hats. Cookbooks. Wine collecting with the DH. I like to think of foreign travel as a form of collecting too. Collecting new places!
  5. It only goes to show - we have impeccable taste! It's interesting, though how a particular type of thing can get to you, striking a chord somewhere, and compelling you to collect. Why is it that I love Hermes, but to be frank I would never buy, say, a Chanel bag (although I love the perfumes.) Kou may love Faberge eggs, but Royal Doulton China might leave her cold? We obviously "connect" in a certain way with some things and not others, and not necessarily on the basis of logic. I would love to see GF's collection of first editions (how many books HAVE been written about Grace Kelly?)!
  6. Cookbooks of all sort of different cuisines. I have stopped now, as I already have a whole lot.

    But I still collect receipes from magazines, as in tear them out of the magazines and scan them into my PC. (Keeps me occupied from doing too much damage in online shopping)

    I also collect restaurant review articles.

    The one thing that I have really really stepped back from collecting is diamond jewellery in white gold/platinum. Burns a damn big hole in my pocket every time! With diamonds, there is always the issue of "shrinkage". And over time, you would want bigger and bigger ones. So extremely dangerous.
  7. Oh Boy! Now THIS is a subject close to my heart! So....over the years I have collected:

    Bakelite (have enough....a couple of hatboxes full!), Vintage hats (again...enough), First Editions of anything written by Rex Stout, First Editions of travel writer H.V. Morton. I must own a gazillion coffee table books on various subjects....these I continue to acquire.

    Now I collect:

    18th century Portuguese and Italian Jewelery, 18th century glass (see a trend here?), Hermes and anything I can get my hands on written about Hermes. And my newest obsession.....vintage Hermes scarves! I can't even think about buying a new one anymore!!!!!!
  8. Yarn!!! :lol: As an avid crocheter/knitter I collect yarn. Whenever I travel anywhere I always look for a local yarn shop to find something neat like alpaca or anything really soft and fluffy.
    DH and I also have a big collection of different china patterns (Wedgwood, and especially Wedgwood for Ralph Lauren - all the equestrian patterns, Noritake Hunt, etc.) and silver.
    I also collect mother of pearl scarf rings that I find in antique shops. They are usually mixed in with the buttons or belt buckles. But they are perfect to use with H scarves and are usually only around $1. :P
  9. Okay I'm not sure if this qualifies but I am a huge collector of stamps :shame: Like postage stamps. I have a bunch of limited edition ones and even certain very rare ones like holographic issues.
  10. he, he..lolo, you know I've never counted all the GK books....I have duplicates of some, so it would be quite a task! Most of them are biographies (of course!), and I also have some treasured first ed. books written by Edith Head, the costume designer that kitted Grace out for many of her movies.......remember that wonderful green & white print dress in Rear Window.....ohhhhh!!!!!
  11. ^ I do! It's gorgeous, and VERY informative! Got an advance copy from the Museum not so long ago..........
  12. it has the best details of her wonderful wedding should get it, dg...
  13. What an interesting poll!

    I'm on a mad obsessive shopping spree for Kaloo toys and furniture ( I don't think my 6 month old appreciates it as much as her mom. :shame:

    I adore postcards, especially ones with amazing portraits and scenic shots by famous photographers. I buy them wherever I travel. I love travel photography so I tend to study the postcards first to get an idea of what and where to photograph.

    I also collect romantic fictions by Lisa Kleypas, Judith O'Brien and Suzanne Brockmann. What else do I collect? Oh yes, I almost forgot. Call me crazy but I like lotus shoes (Chinese women with bound feet wear these), especially vintage ones (I put them in a glass display box to show them off) and intricate costumes of the different tribes around the world.
  14. Actually, I bought it the other day at Border's, I love it. I wanted to go to Philadelphia and see her dress but I didn't make it in time. :crybaby: