Collecting "H" scarves....

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  1. Does anyone collect a particular designer?

    Who are your favorite scarf designers and which of their designs do you like the most???
  2. Ooh, great idea Shopmom!

    My favorites now are Faivre and Sefedin. I especially like La Tour Eiffel S'envole. I think I'm in a phase where I tend to like abstract designs and line drawings that suggest more than depict.

    In high school and college, I exclusively bought Joachim Metz and Michele Duchene, although not with intention. My favorite was Feux de l'Espace.

    So far, the only artist whose designs have consistently not appealed to me has been Kermit Oliver. I have no idea why. I like the idea of him being a Texas artist, but so far, I've not been emotionally drawn to any of the scarves. Leaves me totally baffled, since they're incredibly ornate and colorful. I ought to just adore them, but they've not knocked me over quite yet.

    I love H scarves. I loved them so much I saved my allowance for them as a 16 year old, and I still love them more than 20 years later. Scarves are one of my only collections that have never bored me.
  3. Clerc :yahoo: and anything equestrian or jungle themed (zebras, Jungle Love)
  4. GGA - I am so in awe that your collection began in high school! That is really cool.
  5. I am just starting to become interested in scarves. I just went back and looked up the designers of the few I am considering and they are:

    Loic Dubigeon
    Francoise Faconnet
    Maurice Tranchant
  6. I love the classical Greek/Roman designs, like Cosmos and Phaeton. Lately, I've been drawn to the floral designs.
  7. I've been collecting H scarves now for about 15 years, but I can't say that I have a favourite artist. When I was a kid, I used to collect books (and stickers and stationery and journals) based almost solely on the cover art and illustrations that I found aesthetically pleasing. I've since given up the stickers and stationery for H scarves, and my purchasing decisions are still driven by the child in me that likes looking at pretty pictures: if I see a design that gives me that same sort of aesthetic high, I'll buy it.

    I tend to choose scarves with designs I could frame and stare at for hours.
  8. Ahh, I feel like a broken record, becasue you all must be tired of me saying this...

    OK, the artist I collect is ANNIE FAIVRE!! I am dedicated to collecting her designs!! AND, my fave is RENCONTRE OCEANE & GRAND FONDS!! I have almost every colourway in these two designs (still hunting some, though!).

    My second all-time fave would be Aline Honore of "Jardins d'andalouisie" fame.
  9. Love Tohu Bohu and Kachinas. I really like scarves with vibrant colors and interesting patterns.
  10. Wow, I am so new to this, just starting my collection. I am in awe of all your collections and knowledge.
  11. My collection is schizophrenic

    - the oldies by Ledoux, Hallo especially the royalist or French theme ones

    - Vibrant colored ones like Feux du Ciel & Toho Bohu

    nothing by Clerc, Faivre or Oliver :cursing:
  12. I'm a BIG fan of the vintage/oldies as well. Have a few and I always keep my eye out on any that draws me to them. But then I can't bring myself to WEAR them!!!!

    Other than that, I don't have a particular Designer that I collect....I just buy whatever designs I fall in love with.....except I never seem to fall in love with anything by Oliver....
  13. I'm like GINA_B - in that anything that I find eye, and sense appealing...however I stay away from animals, b/c I think it doesn't represent me, and if anyone asks me about the animal on a scarf, I would be speechless and feel like I was being someone I wasn't?:confused1: I'm having a REALLY hard time wearing my scarves though, b/c I don't want to soil or damage any? What to do???
  14. I'm partial to Zoe Pauwels and Faconnet at the moment. Lately, the floral designs have been drawing my attention :flowers: For some reason, I can't do anything jungle or animal themed :sad: Specifically, feline themed. I guess getting clawed by a cat does have an effect on you.
  15. I adore Lumieres de Paris and of course, Turandot, both of which I believe are designed by N.Hidaka. I love Early America and Decoupages as well. I love lots of detail, flowers, birds, and small scrolls, colors, and traditional patterns except that I don't like horse tack, keys or tassel prints on my scarves nor any of the more modern prints.