Collecting bocce,that's right!

  1. Greetings!
    This is my first posting, so bear with me...
    I stumbled upon the world of Tokidoki while searching eBay for my other passion "Stila". There was an auction that included a Smashbox item of Tokidoki and I started searching Tokidoki which led me to LeSportsac and my new obsession. I checked styles and prints and decided to collect the bocce in all prints it came in. I initially chose the bocce for two reasons, price and availability. It's the smallest style bag so not a whole lot of people want them and therefore they are less expensive as well. But as I started purchasing them I discovered a new reason bocce is a perfect style to collect...the challenge of getting a good print placement. Bocce is so small it can only show a fraction of the print but because of this, you can really focus on the characters! I am really enjoying my Tokidoki collection and the only downside so far is that some prints do not come in that style. So what do you think? And remember, this is a collection...I probably won't be using them functionally. :idea:
    cittagirl2.jpg adios girl1.jpg foresta1.jpg inferno5.jpg paradiso1.jpg
  2. Fun! I'd love to see pics of your collection so far!
  3. Hiya!

    Welcome to the forum. Bocce appeared in the season 3 - so you won't find any in OP and Camo/Playgound. I am not so sure about availability though since not many B&M or online stores carry them. For $88, I would really more inclined to collect Caramellas instead but hey, that's just me.

    Wishing you all the best in your endeavor! I know collecting send your adrenalin rushing whenever you find the piece you wanted. And yeah, as gabes_mommy pointed out, pics pls!!
  4. hehe that's why I'm collecting dolces only popularity isn't on my side :cry: so many people want dolces. I debated bocces but they're not practical for me :push: but yeah I wanna see piiiiics!
  5. Well, you can get 2nd generation OP bocce
  6. I'm trying to post pics, but it's only letting post 5 at a time!
  7. aww purdiness. I really love your placements. You're right that you need to find just the right one. What would be your perfect placements in the other prints btw?

    OOHHH and yeah there's a limit on each post... so you can only have like 5 attachments in each thingi. If you link outside you can have 8 pictures which is what I normally do since I use so many smilies
  8. Your Foresta (love the Tiger!) and Inferno are my favorites - so cute!
  9. Well, I still need an OP 2nd gen. but I don't really have fav's on that one. I need L'Amore...does that come in the bocce? I think that's it for prints...the others are the Fumo,Bianco and Arcania.
    famiglia3.jpg paradiso1.jpg spiaggia3.jpg adios fish2.jpg pirata2.jpg
  10. I :love: your collection of bocces! What a fun and unique way to collect these great bags. I collect campeggios (I have one of each print) because that's the one I use the most. But it does get expensive and eventually they will wear out! Good luck finding the rest! Post more photos as you add more...
  11. They're really so pretty - good luck with your other finds!
  12. I know where I can possibly find an Arancia. It was the first Bocce I ever saw in person, and I'll bet it's still sitting on the shelf in the store I found it at! I remember thinking, "wow, that's really expensive for a bag that has no practical purpose." Or maybe the Bocce does serve a practical purpose that I'm not aware of-- Ladies, enlighten me!
    I also think collecting Bocces is a very adorable hobby. :balloon:
  13. My computer is so slooow! Thanks for all the responses! I'm posting the rest now...some are of the other side. I have two of the adios print bocces.
    cittagirl1.jpg foresta2.jpg inferno1.jpg paradiso2.jpg pirata1.jpg
  14. lbfury3: LOVE the bocces!!!! esp ur paradiso one! u can get a 2nd generation original print bocce (seen it on eBay).... welcome to the forum!
  15. aww where were u when i was looking for one :lol: oh well i got it in a dolce so it's all good now