collecting before wallet

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  1. I wonder ... what do suggest to buy for a collection before buying first wallet :smile:*
  2. I started buying LV in december '11 and I haven't bought a wallet also because I'm at a point where I rather spend that money on bags... I bought a Speedy (handbag), a Delightful (shoulderbag) and a Milla (pochette). Now I want a cross body bag first and then I will start collection SLG's :smile:
  3. I think having a shoulder bag and a hand held bag, and maybe having a few different patterns first.
  4. Thanks girls!
    It is confusing situation, lot of LVers are convinced you should get a bag and a wallet as a start but I m not sure if it is best decision :smile:

    I d love to hear more opinion :smile:
  5. You should get what YOU want. There are no written rules.
  6. I would much rather have a few bags than one bag and one wallet!!
  7. I don't even use a wallet any more. Do what works for you.
  8. A zippy MC wallet was my First purchase!! Of course I do everything
  9. I would suggest buying at least three bags before a wallet. They can all be shoulder or handheld if you prefer one over the older.
  10. It's interesting to hear different opinions. There is no wrong answer. For me, i had a few slg's before I got my first 'real' bag. My first bag was a pochette which isn't really a handbag for me. Good luck in your search!
  11. I think that after you try LV wallet you can love it more than bags, it feels so good and the sound of zipper is amazing :biggrin:
    I always use my wallet, even when I wear my non-LV bags.

    I think that after 2 bags it s good time to consider LV wallet.
  12. If you don't mind using the same bag everyday, then buy a wallet after your first bag.
  13. I like to get matching sets, purse and a wallet or cosmetic case. There's no right or wrong way, do what feels right and you're happy with. Good luck !
  14. I bought my LV wallet after my first bag. I just love my wallet, costly as they may be. I think it is well worth it.
  15. I got the wallet and bag together. I'm glad I got the wallet. There's something about pulling out my wallet and it matches and I love it. It's just my preference. A wallet is used just as much as a purse, and I personally wanted something nice right off the bat, rather than several bags since you only carry one bag at a time. I'd like to get more SLGs - love looking at pics and seeing all the LV inside.