Collars up and Shoulder pads ?

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    Do people still wear their collars up ? Do you ?

    How about shoulder pads do you use them ?

    I don't use or do either, I know at one time, wearing polo shirts with the collar up was popular. I think also so to keep their neck from burning in the hot weather
  2. I say both are a "don't"
  3. I have teenagers ( a boy and a girl) and they are both "popping" their collars. I think it's okay for them. I wouldn't though.

    Now the shoulder pads can just stay back there in the 80's :P
  4. All the frat boys at the university I went to are into that "trend". I guess it's cool to wear a pink polo shirt with the collar turned up, plaid shorts and flip flops. Bleh :suspiciou
  5. Hoo boy!! Do I remember that trend!! I did both in the 80's-- it just looks so silly today!!
  6. yep, they are fashion "don'ts"
  7. i wouldn't do either.
  8. I only wear the collar of my trench coat popped up when I'm looking for an edgier look. For the rest, it looks retarded because usually, it's with really slouchy style and just looks like you're a bum.

    Unless you're doing it to protect your neck from the elements, down with collars.

    Shoulder pads should be made a crime :biggrin: :P
  9. When I see someone with their collar up I want to fix it for them.
    I guess I'm not trendy.
  10. lol.. well if anything, the trend has died down.. it came back thanks to Kanye West.. black rapper.. and all the frat boys stole it and made it more popular -- white boys. lol.

    according to all my mens magazines i get, the popped collar look is over. another thing that's over that the stupid frat boys did, was LAYER the polo. goodness what the heck! polos aren't made to be layered on top of each other, and yep! you guessed it, BOTH collars were popped.


    i find it just a fad and it's over already, but there are still those super hot people, that no matter what they're wearing, will always be and look hot, so they can get away with a popped collar here and there. haha.

    and isn't poppin the collar mainly for guys? i was born in the 80's ('84) so i dont know if women did it too? shrugs.

    as for shoulder pads.. i wasn't feeling the look when i saw my mom with them.. not to mention short haircuts were in fashion and it made her look like a transvestite. rofl.
  11. i like the collar up on more edgy blazers paired with jeans, kinda like a military inspired look. i think that's "in".
  12. No No No and skinny leg jeans can go back to the 80's too - I had a SA try to force the skinny jean on me I told her, "no way, I did that in HS and I just can't go back"; so she says (no joke) "I guess you won't be buying any jeans for a while." while she grabs the skinny-jeans out of my hands and huffs away....LOL - :P
  13. NONONO to shoulder pads.

    However, collar popped up is kinda cute if you're doing the whole thug meets prep look. You kno, guys that wear jeans with blazers, shirt with collar popped, and a hat.
  14. I pop my collar up if I am wearing a track jacket or something..thats it!
  15. we wear polos for work uniforms and there are some women that pop the collar sometimes. depending on the person it's cute. it looks weird on me though...i think it's because i have big 80s anchor woman hair sometimes and its just too much. :smile: