Collapsible Kelly

  1. What do you guys think of the collapsible kelly?
    I've actually never seen it in person myself.. just pictures.
    It looks cute!
  2. Do you mean this one

    79146_bs_her033_Celebrity_City_Backstage_123_524lo.jpg 79267_bs_her039_Celebrity_City_Backstage_123_482lo.jpg 79864_bs_her062_Celebrity_City_Backstage_123_374lo.jpg

    I haven't seen any IRL myself so don't really have an opinion. They do look like fun but not very practical (if worn folded!:p).
  3. yea!! isn't cute?? does it unfold to a regular kelly?
    I wonder if these sell. I've never seen anyone wear it before!
  4. is the bag on the right a different bag?
  5. ^^yes, it's a lindy.
  6. I've seen it. It's a big Kelly. Very soft leather.
  7. it is the kelly flat do a search on this forum and you will find some threads and pictures