Colin Makes Kiddie Cartoons

  1. Colin Farrell was spotted getting his morning smoke on and downing a cup of coffee (tea?) this past Saturday on the balcony his place in Ireland. His three-year-old son James Farrell (inset) later came out to check out the view of Dublin with, supposedly, one of Colin's sisters -- Claudine, 33, or Claudia, 35. If somebody could confirm, please do!

    Colin, 30, has recently been inspired by his son James (mother is model Kim Bordenave) to make more family-friendly films and wants to voice an animated character: "I'd really like to do an animated film next but no one is calling me to do one." Pixar, sign him up!

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  2. His son is SO cute!
  3. wow, good job, collin! cute offspring hehe. he def looks like a james [because i know a little boy named james that looks exactly like that so how can he not look like a james?] haha

    cute cute. good for him to do a family appropriate film.