Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx are right across from me

  1. I'm in a cafe in Westwood, where they are premiering Miami Vice as I type. Colin Farrell, unfortunately, is not very attractive; I don't see all the hype about him being hot. He looks like a very average man. Jamie Foxx, however, is looking ridiculously sharp, just the way men are supposed to be!

    I don't have a camera with me, because I had no idea this was going on! I also saw Alyssa Milano; she's extremely cute!
  2. Way too much fun! Lucky for you...
  3. OMG! 3 celebs in one day, nice =)
  4. Noooooooooooo you can't tell me this, I simply love Colin Farrell, he's the perfect guy to me (except for his drugs problems, but hey I can help him for that).

    Damned he is so hot!
  5. lucky girl!!
  6. Colin was on Jay Leno last night and definitely looks better than he has in a long time. I think he needs to clean up the bad boy image though, because it's getting old.
  7. OMG I'm so jealous!!! Love both of them - really good looking!
  8. I think Colin Farrell is supremely unattractive and acts like a jerk every time he's interviewed. Seriously, I do NOT get what everyone finds so hot about him. Jamie Foxx is supremely talented.
  9. I have a friend that saw Jamie a few months back. She said about the same kind of surprised he was short :girlsigh:
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