Colie from the Real World's handbag?

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  1. Hi, has anyone ever noticed the bag Colie carried on (I think?) episode 2 of the Real World? I think it is the YSL muse but not sure. Anyway, I really want it and was hoping someone would be able to help. Thanks!!
  2. I've seen it before and it's definitely not a's too rectangular to be a Muse. Just not sure what kind it is though.
  3. Colie's bag is a rebecca minkoff morning after bag. ;)
  4. ^ Great find Luna!! Does anyone have a picture of her carrying it?
  5. I recognized her Morning After bag on the first episode of Real World. When I saw it, I told my boyfriend who was watching with me, what bag she was carrying and he looked at me like I was coo-koo bananas! LOL!

    I wrote to Jacque @ Rebecca Minkoff informing her about this and she said they had already got word of her carrying the bag and they have spoken to Colie since.

    For those looking for the Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Bag in the Royal Ble with Brown Trim, I found the best deal at W HOTELS - THE STORE

    The bag is $475 plus 20% discount.

    gregsgirl :heart:

  6. ty ;) I only knew it was RM because I own one.. hehehe
  7. [​IMG]
    did a quick google and found this
  8. I am totally obsessed with this bag! If the store only sold solid colors....:\
  9. that is soooo weird. I thought i was the only one trying to figure out her bag...crazily enough I saw another girl wearing it at century 21 and followed her around the store trying to distinguish the maker...LOL....I am sure she thought I was crazy. It's a great bag...
  10. Omigosh you guys are the best, I noticed her bag immediately and loved how it looked, but I figured that it was a lost cause because there was no way I could find out what it was... Guess I underestimated the knowledge of tPF girls! :biggrin:
  11. wow. she prob. gets freebies from RM now.
  12. Ive never seen her in RW.. but i do like the bag!

  13. :graucho:
  14. ....There's already a new real world?

    God, I miss so much here in Germany, lol