Colette Sandals?

  1. I'd love to see mod photos of these, they are simple yet beautiful but I don't necessarily think that is a bad thing.
  2. I loooove those sandals thats the thing they are simple they are classy beautiful all the way through.Keep them!I bought them in black but i bouth them from Australia Green with envy boutique and im having second thoughts about the heel height as i still havent recieved them.How is the heel how many inches or cm?Are they comfortable to walk in for everyday?Thank you
  3. i wore the liya pumps to sydney fashion week almost all day for a few of the days and the heel height are the same as the colettes, they are the most comfortable heels i own! although i heard another person thought they were unwearable...
  4. The heel is not bad at all. Very walkable and stable. I think because of the thick velcro ankle strap keeps the sandal on the foot. Unfortunately I will be returning them, only because my kids broke my iPad last week and my "shoe fund" has now become "replace iPad fund". I'm really sad about them, they are so pretty. I took some parting shots on my phone and will post so you can see how pretty they are.
  5. image-1843179987.png


    So sad to have to part with these beauties.
  6. OH MY GOD they are the most beautiful sandals i have ever seen in my whole life!Thank you for the pics.So adorable.I should have bought the ones in petrol.I was thinking for a month bif i should get petrol o black ones and i got black ones but petrol ones are the killers.Ill have to get petrol sandals later on somehow.And yes they are expensive they costed me a fortune plus i had to pay taxes on top shipping them from Australia.And im ssory to hear your kids broke your iphone this must be such a sad day for you to part with those gorgoeus shoes but you ll get better lol
  7. And ladies please if you see sale on them on petrol ones please let me know ASAP!I have to own petrol ones as well:smile:Thank you
  8. I was in such a grumpy mood last night having to drag my kids to return those shoes. I'll look for them in a few months and if they were meant to be, then I will have them again. These were the petrol color and they were the perfect navy. Sigh.
  9. I know what u mean.Well they might go on sale so u might get them then and me too cause i couldnt sleep last night after seeing those beauties as they look more stylish than black ones but anyways i hope we both gonna get them on sale later one:smile:
  10. Hi ladies,i just recieved the colette sandals in black suede in size 40 and they dont fit me.They are marked as size 40 but they fit more like 39.5 or 39 and they are so tiny and narrow now the main problem is i purchased them from Australias boutique and i tried them on on wooden floor and the deliacate sole got some scratches so not sure what im gonna do now.Im very very upset as they are so pricey.
  11. Ahh do you still have them?! I'm dying for a pair. Admittedly I'm a 40 so they would probably be too small but I DO have very narrow feet...
  12. They look great! I think it's okay to spend a little more on simple items that can be worn with different outfits (casual and dressy). I had no idea this sandal was going to be such a big hit! I remember seeing them as pre-orders on Moda Operandi and now I am seeing them on every fashion blog.
  13. Hi sorry just read ur message now..i sold them already..they r gorgeous, but ht eones in petrol way better..i got sz 41 in petrol and i adore them!