Coleen s Chanel

  1. Do you like this Chanel bag?

  2. Who is she?
  3. yeah, it's gorgeous! ldldb has one (or two - I forget)
  4. yes i love the exotic python large tote...but the price tag is BIG FAT ex..hehe
  5. she is very famous here in the Uk she goes out with a footballer and thats what she is really famous for
  6. of course!
  7. My dream bag. Last time I checked--around 5k
  8. I dont love the bag that much tbh, but I think she looks gorgeous in this picture :smile:
  9. LOVE the python Cerf.....another one of my dream-yet-only-can-dream-for Chanel's. BTW everytime I see a photo of Coleen McLoughlin she's got a new bag.....Chanel, Balenciaga, YSL, Miu Miu, you name it.
  10. i saw it at bond st. london in various colours & two different sizes ~ :love: bag ~ just not for me
  11. i didn't know her but yes..I like her chanel bag...
  12. Does anyone know how much it cost?
  13. Yes, love it!:love:
  14. no, croc not really for me, its a nice size bag tho
    Coleen, Chanel and cricket bag! (Does she even go for a week at a time without Cricket? hahahaha)
  15. I does seem like all she does is shop at cricket- that's why I don't sponser her because all she seem's to do is shop!
    I personally really like the bag, I am assuming it's very expensive which is why I wouldn't buy it