Coleen Rooney

  1. :heart: I love Coleen, I think she's so stylish and a fantastic, refreshing, healthy role model for women!!
  2. :graucho:
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  3. She certainly has blossomed into a beautiful & stylish lady. She looked fabulous at her 21st birthday party.
  4. Love her!!! :rolleyes:
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  5. She is verry pretty!!!
  6. Thanks!! Yup - she's so stylish and cool and she has a fab healthy figure - not stick thin like all the hollywood followers.
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  7. She really is isn't she! And I really think she's going places!!! And I even like Wayne Rooney when they're together - he looks less thuggish when she's with him!! :p
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  8. She carries great bags also LOL
  9. :tup:
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  10. Yes, she has a FAB bag collection!
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  11. .. who is she??
  12. :yahoo:
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  13. She's the fiance of Wayne Rooney - a football player with UK's MANCHESTER UNITED football team.

    She's recently become very popular and does lots of advertising campaigns.

    She's gorgeous!! :yes:

    Will upload more in the morning - bedtime for me now though!!! xxxx
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  14. She is a cutie pie! I really like her as well. She seems very down to earth.:tup:
  15. More of the brit beauty
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