Coleen Rooney Style Thread

  1. ITA! She doesn't look good with platforms because her legs are straight up and down. So the platforms emphasize that, I think.:flowers:She does look amazing with her red hair. Sorry had to say it again!:shame:
  2. ^ Totally agree about the shoes not flattering her legs.
  3. article-2074902-0F319A0100000578-651_306x750[1].jpg article-2074902-0F319A5700000578-671_306x750[1].jpg
  4. She looks fabulous I think - such a down to earth girl who has put up with too much from her husband I think. Still, she has style. :cool:
  5. Those CL Figurina boots she's wearing look really nice i might have to give them a go next time i go shopping
  6. [​IMG]

    article-0-0F373BB200000578-866_224x589.jpg article-0-0F3739CE00000578-584_224x589.jpg
  7. Once again looking good :cool:

  8. Can someone please ID her leopard coat ? Thanks !!!
  9. She looks good with a fringe.

  10. ^^cute
  11. Not sure but I suspect she bought it from Cricket boutique in Liverpool. When I go in next I shall ask - it is lovely isn't it?
  12. I love it too ! Thank you so much for asking if you go next time !
  13. [​IMG]

    article-2077546-0F40F49E00000578-667_468x783.jpg article-2077546-0F40F33400000578-1_224x711.jpg
  14. article-2085484-0F698CDF00000578-538_634x623[1].jpg
  15. I like her style