Coleen Rooney Style Thread

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  1. gosh, she's lucky Wayne Rooney is talented and earns BIG $$$$ :woohoo:

    this woman loves to shop, and looks like she gets everything she wants :drinkup:
  2. [​IMG]
    a12.jpg a13.jpg a14.jpg a15.jpg A11.jpg
  3. ^^ love her scarf in the first pic
  4. Recent pic from shopping in Liverpool. Love her mum's LV scarf.
  5. thanks for the pics platinum girly!! :heart:
  6. Yes, the scarf is very nice. I do like Colleen's style too. I see that you are in Cheshire - isn't that where they live? (Alderley Edge?). I see colleen knocking around sometimes when I am in the North West - always pleasant and always dressed well - a "perfect combo" in any book I think.
  7. Yes they live in Cheshire, think in Prestbury but she shops a lot in Wilmslow.
  8. NP babe :biggrin:
  9. I love Colleen's fur. She looks really good thesedays - far from her early years!

  10. Coleen has an amazing bag and shoe collection!
  11. Showcasing her new red hair (and matching YSL clutch)

    article-2068026-0EFF1A3F00000578-799_468x637[1].jpg article-2068026-0EFF280A00000578-954_468x674[1].jpg
  12. She should have been born a red head!! She looks amazing and also 10 years younger!! That colour was meant for her!!:tup:
  13. The colour is lovely on her.

    Am I the only one though who thinks she actually doesn't suit the clunky shoes she wears?

    I dunno why...she has nice legs....maybe she's not tall enough or something? :thinking:
    I just think those big-*** platforms make her look stumpy and kinda like she's stomping around. I think she's one of those girls who look miles better with simpler shoes.
  14. Red really suits her ITA - if you read this thread Mrs Rooney - stay red!