Coleen Rooney Style Thread

  1. Well she probably doesnt want to leave that lifestyle. Hope she gets tested for stds often.

    Cute outfit, she looks american here lol
  2. Rooney makes Manchester United IMO....

    The first prostitute he went to was literally a grandmother. The second documented time he romped with two vile hookers, not just one. Poor Coleen.
  3. Just objectively speaking, lets look at this from a business perspective LOL. Being in the man's position..... whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy on EARTH would he pay a prostitute if he's got a million girls throwing themselves at him for free? Obviously these prostitutes aren't any better at keeping their lips zipped about hooking up with him, so what's he paying for?
  4. He has a tattoo that says "Just Enough Education To Perform".

    That says it all really. He's not that bright.
  5. At a friends wedding yesterday in Cheshire.


  6. She actually looks like she's on stilts.

    Mind you, I find those shoes ludicrous on everybody.
  7. ^absolutely!
    those shoes are hideous.
  8. Those shoes no good! Omg her figure reminder me of Britney!
  9. Stilts :lol: ITA
  10. I also hate those shows. They are so clunky and unladylike imo. I want to like the dress but I don't.
  11. Finally someone speaks the truth about the ultra platforms. I've been waiting for this moment ... I feel like Louboutin designed them just to see which women would buy anything he made no matter how ridiculous, impractical and potentially dangerous they are! And I adore high heels!!! :graucho:
  12. Agree. I love Louboutins but have never liked the ultra high platforms. I love the more classic styles.
  13. On holiday (again!) in Portugal.

  14. How many holidays has she been on this year??!