Coleen Rooney Style Thread

  1. She has become so stylish in the last few years. Anyone recall her early days? What a turnaround!
  2. Yes I remember those Juicy tracksuits!
  3. Shopping on Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills yesterday.



  4. Arriving at Heathrow from LA today. Any ID on jacket?

  5. Hi Steph

    It's a Zara jacket from the TRF range. I really like it, but was not too sure about the studs.
  6. I have the jacket and justv removed the studs.;)
  7. Thanks. Trying to find on website but no luck. You have a link?
  8. I have the same jacket, too. The studs are actually are kind of subtle.
  9. It was on the website last week but not there now. Probably sold out online. It might still be available in some stores, I did see it in a few sizes at the weekend.
  10. That yellow Celine :drool:
  11. Out in Liverpool today.



  12. I just googled her ... all those bags & vacations come at a steep price. Her husband is nicknamed "Shrek" for his looks & frequents prostitutes?!
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    Yup. Though my other half prefers to call him "The Assasin-Faced Baby".

    He's generally regarded as being no prize. He's a good (some say great) soccer player. But he's petulant off the pitch and on, and he has gone to prostitutes not once, but twice that I know of. Both times the story was sold, naturally. The second time was when she was five months pregnant with that kid. The first time was alledgedly with a prostitute so old that she was known locally as "The Old Slapper".

    Colleen has been incredibly defiant about not leaving him. She's blasted people on Twitter that dare to judge it. But he's the only boyfriend she's ever had - they've been dating since school. She has a career of her own as a "celebrity designer" but her whole world is Wayne and his family. To be honest, I'd say he could do it again and again and she still wouldn't leave him.

    It's a very nice life - she is constantly on holiday. A fact not lost on the British media, who are increasingly snide about it.
  14. It's her family they hang with more not his actually.