Coleen Rooney Style Thread

  1. Having noticed your all fans of Alex Gerrard, thought I would start off a fellow England WAG who also dresses well (her husband isn't as nice though!).

    She has a very large handbag collection (love her in Celine's) and her style has blossomed over the last few years.

  2. Yes, she has style thesedays I agree save for the odd outfit. She once went out in hair curlers for goodness sake. I will try and find a pic later.
  3. A couple with her Celine's (love the look with the black).

  4. Recent pics of a night out - some been saying it is a disaster outfit but I actually like it.

    article-0-0EAC1BBE00000578-843_224x605.jpg article-0-0EAC1BEA00000578-708_224x605.jpg article-0-0EAC1BC200000578-371_468x570.jpg
  5. A few more pictures of colleen from a while ago - I think they show the spectrum of her style. In other words, from perfect (the hello magazine cover in Paris) to the ridiculous (the hair curlers!).
    CR 1.jpg CR 3.jpg CR 2.jpg
  6. I agree but the hair curlers is a Liverpool thing! Her hair looks great in the recent pics.
  7. Yay for this thread! Love her style
  8. i really like her style! pls upload more pics if you have! :smile:
  9. Yes, I have seen her quite a few times around. She is always in a shop in Liverpool called Cricket (in Matthew Street famous for The Beatles Cavern Club). She is lovely actually and yes, has great style .... usually!
  10. ^^ Yes this girl knows how to seriously shop!

    article-2025853-0D6C1FFC00000578-655_468x360.jpg coleen-cricket-liverpool.jpg article-0-02DF34F800000578-602_468x411.jpg A0FBFEF4-D7DA-B5AE-05FB83DB48C35692.jpg
  11. With her Matthew Williamson fur coat (from Cricket) and with her amazing Bentley car.
    SNF07BIZ3_380_701034a.jpeg SNF07BIZ4-280_700914a.jpeg
  12. In Herve Leger and YSL clutch

    article-2061059-0EC7E4A200000578-336_224x740[1].jpg article-2061059-0EC7E48A00000578-491_468x916[1].jpg
  13. LOVE her bag collection!
    A11.jpg a12.jpg a13.jpg a14.jpg a15.jpg