Cole Hann "PAIGE"

  1. I had the pleasure of seeing this bag in person @ the Galleria in RED! It also comes in white, black, & brown. Beautiful....:love:
  2. Cole Haan makes very pretty bags that are of good quality for the $$$.
  3. this pic does this bag no justice either. much better looking in person.:noworry:
  4. ^^I agree, I usually do a double take and then have to look at the tag to see who made the bag when I've seen the more recent ones.

    VERY nice bags IMO for their price point.
  5. i've become a big cole haan fan lately too......they make very cute, reasonably priced everyday bags and comfy shoes.....i love the bad with the drawstringy thing.....lemme go find a picture since my description sucks :P

    here we cute is this bag? and under $300

  6. that color is luscious!!! enough for you to stop someone and ask what bag are they carrying.:smile:
  7. yea, I just went into their store last week and was amazed at how many bags I wanted there!!!

    The ones listed here are so pretty, their colors are like frosting! :smile: YUM!
  8. i felt the SAME WAY! Especially seeing that hobo in so many colors and style variations that arent on the website like the denim one w/leather trim.....:love:
  9. Very good-looking bags!
  10. Thats so cute jc! Man, I would love that color, but I could never wear it in my town. Id get beat up :sad: lol Its our rival school's color.
  11. JC - I love that bag! I was thinking of buying that, but went with the Village box tote instead....I think I may have to get it now! :lol:

    Fendi - That Paige is gorgeous! I love it! :love: :love:
  12. it's my school's color....maybe i should get it.....strictly to show school pride of course ;)
  13. I love Cole Haan bags. Their quality remind me of the way Bally's used to be.
  14. Hi! I actually just bought the Cole Haan "Paige" tote online today in Putty. I can't wait for it to get here--I think it's going to be the perfect Summer bag for me!!

    CH Paige.jpg
  15. i love the sky blue color.. that's my fav color...