cole haan's new gunmetal color: a neutral metallic?

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  1. I like that color and I like Cole Haan! Bottega Veneta has a similar color out this upcoming season called Ferro (iron), so it must be a hot color. I'd definitely consider it a neutral. I really like the small, but for me the larger one wouldn't be big enough for anything 8 X 10, so it wouldn't work as a "work bag".
  2. good point. thank goodness they also make this bag in gunmetal (16.5" x 7 3/4" x 6") :smile:
  3. I really like this color. :tup: hmm, I don't have a grey bag
  4. Love the bag, love the color. The larger satchel would be more my size. I think that I'll keep my eye on this beauty!
  5. What a beautiful color! I would use it as a neutral b/c it's a soft metallic (if that makes any sense) and I can see it working well with many different colors and being easy to dress up or down. The small frame bag is so cute - not a work bag, but I think you still need it. :p
  6. I think the color is very stylish, its basically a metallic grey, which looks very of the moment. Careful- it may be out of fashion next season, though. As for the handles, you cannot wear them over your shoulder if they are 5.75". Thats hand carry only (unless you a skeleton, perhaps...)
  7. I think it would work as a neutral. It's very nice!
  8. Very true about the handles. Also for me the height isn't tall enough for 8 x 10, i.e. it would be hard to fit a notebook in it and close it.

    Very pretty, though, and if you don't have to worry about papers and notebooks, go for it!
  9. SO hot! That color is amazing, I must have something in it!
  10. The small frame bag is pretty tiny (and very lovely and ladylike) in person, and it is most definitely hand-carry only. Really nice leather, too.

    I've only seen the black IRL, but the gunmetal looks about as neutral as a metallic can get. Their bronze this season is muted almost to the point where it's no longer metallic, IMO. Pretty, though.
  11. I'm really curious to see this color in person, before I buy online.

    If it's not *too* metallic, then I am going to get myself something in this color.
  12. i think these are great looking bags and they are a great price :smile: even better!
  13. Oooh, love that. I think it's a great, super versatile color. I'll have to go to Coach this weekend and check it out. Thanks for letting us know about it!
  14. I almost bought the small satchel in Nordstrom. The leather is very soft and the color is TDF. I had tried to carry it and it looked nice just holding on the arm and I didn't even think to carry it on my shoulder. I don't know...maybe the handle wasn't longer enough for me :shrugs: The handle of the bag did looks a bit of longer in the picture.