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Jan 19, 2006
Cole Haan is one brand which I always wish I can have the $cash$ to spend on a bag. There is this poster in a city shopping mall where they featured one bag which I liked alot since a few years back. :biggrin:

Now they are no longer selling that bag but they do have many more nice ones on their website. Pics from

Which one do you like? ;) 1st bag and 2nd one from the village collection. 3rd one from Sierra.


I'm glad that you brought up Cole Haan. While I don't really like the bags you've posted (I don't really like too much tassle -- realize it's in style, but don't really like it), I do like Cole Haan. Their bags are nice quality, and the designs are often quite innovative, pulling things from a few of the more popular bags and making a design that is all their own. I'm not sure about this new merger with Nike, however the resulting bags have seemed to be quite nice.
The second and third look nice, though if I were buying for myself I'd choose a darker color for the third.

Cole Haan makes high quality bags for the price. Although I'm not normally a fan of slouchy bags, I have the tri-color Villiage Lunch Tote and not only like it, but I'm really impressed at its durability and quality as well.
PS, If I had to pick amongst these three (sorry didn't mean to go on about tassles, as only the third has got tassles -- but I seem to have gotten fixated on that, in my last post), I'd pick the first one. Just more my style than the other two.
i like the third one the best but perhaps in a darker color...i do like haan's quality but only have a few bags by him bc my first bag was a small yellow tote and is really impractical bc it has absolutely no pockets... so anything i put in there just sinks to the bottom and i have to spend time looking for my keys or my cell phone or whatever else lol
I got this Village paillette hobo from Marshall Fields at the end of last year.

It looks sort of plain in the picture, but the sides and strap are embellished with small paillettes and tiny studs. It's really understated, but I love it. It's shape and feel are just so perfect for everyday.

I actually considered those satchels you've pictured, but I wanted a shoulder bag, and I found those not to have quite enough room in them for me. But I do like them.


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:biggrin: so happy to see many fellow bag lovers like Cole Haan. Really hope to own one for work but I can only start buying a few months down the road...... no $$$$ to spare at this moment **sob sob**

Do post yr cole haan bags for me to admire!!!

btw, the 1st and 3rd bags come in different colours. :nuts:
The picture quality leaves much to be desired, but these are my two Cole Haan bags. The brown is a suede hobo, the green a leather satchel. Both were from Fall 2005.

Cole Hann makes GREAT products. Their new G series is also getting funky so it's nice to see something "new" from them. Their stuff is usually reasonably priced and you'll be able to find quite a bit on sale towards the end of seasons.