Cole Haan

  1. Is there a forum for this and does anyone know what year they started making handbags. I saw a vintage looking black pebbled leather satchel that was well loved but in good condition. This bag was selling for 35 dollars, does this sound like a good deal and is there a market for these on eBay ? I am going to be now but will check for responses tomorrow, thanks in advance !
  2. ^Cole Haan makes superb products. I dont know when they started making bags but I do know it is a company that has been around for a long time. $35 for a used Cole Haan bag is not bad at all!
  3. ^Well said!
  4. Thank you so much ! I read on Wikipedia that they have been around since 1928 but wasn't sure when they started making handbags because I was trying to figure out the year this bag was from (i didn't buy it) I wish it was in red or brown, I need a nice red or brown bag, it is black and I have way too many black handbags but it is still cute !
  5. I love Cole Haan bags. I almost purchased the triple zip satchel last week but found a different bag that was a little more practical for work. The leather is so so so soft. Yum!