Cole Haan

  1. I'm looking at Cole Haan bags on eBay. I hate to be so suspicious, but you guys don't think people make fake Cole Haan bags do they? I doubt it since they're not as popular as Gucci, LV, etc but thought I'd check with you guys. Thanks! :smile:
  2. I have never seen any, but you never know.
  3. I would say no but again...anything is possible with those counterfeiters. I just bought this bag off eBay for $50 when it retailed at Saks for $350! So if you love it and it's a good deal...go for it. :yes:

  4. I don't know about fakes - but I looove Cole Haan bags......and wallets.
  5. I've never seen fake Cole Haan bags but I wouldn't be surprised...
  6. I think there is fake everything out there...
  7. Slightly off topic but I found a website that sells fake Isabella Fiores. The thing that shocked me most about that was that they werent the 'simple-looking' Isabella Fiore bags but those bags and wallets that IF do with the skull and crossbones on! And it looked so authentic!! Now I wonder if all those same style ones that have suddenly come up on eBay are the real deal or not. Surely for the print to be exactly the same as the 'real' ones, someone must have stolen and used the real pattern??

    Im wondering if there is anything that cant be faked?