Cole Haan wristlet/ purse.. YAY or nay? and why please

  1. How much is it? Do you usually carry wristlets? If the price is right and you will use it, go for it and I would wear it with anything.
  2. is the weaving and the studs.. ugly?
  3. i like studs to an extent, i think the bag is really cute!
  4. I think it's cute. I like the color and the studs aren't overdone. It has the flavour of autumn. It would be great with jeans and sweater, when you're just running out to Starbucks to get a latte - don't want to carry a big purse, but don't want a "flimsy" looking wristlet.
  5. I like it! The woven leather is really cute. Great for fall:tup:
  6. that is really cute and classy
  7. do you think it's too trendy of any sort? or it's nice and classic and chic?

  8. and the Weave thing doesn't bother anyone?
  9. It's a gorgeous bag and if the price is right, you should buy it. I saw the matching coin purse in TJMaxx last week. Really pretty!
  10. i love woven leather...especially cole haan - the quality is great and the leather doesn't fray. the studs are done tastefully...not overdone at all, in my opinion. my vote: cute wristlet!
  11. I love it! I really like the woven leather and agree with artiksun Cole Haan does it well. I looked at some yesterday when I was at a Cole Haan outlet, and the leather is really good quality.
  12. do you think this looks like too much of a copy cat of a Bottega Veneta pattern?
  13. Ooohh I like that and I don't normally like Cole Haan items :tup:

    Other than it being woven it doesn't resemble Bottega Veneta to me. Is it available online?
  14. it's from a past season of Cole Haan. They don't make it anymore.

    I got it at TJ maxxx.

    But do you think I should return it?

    plus.. it's purple. what can I wear it with?