Cole Haan 'Village' Triple Zip Satchel?


Aug 4, 2007
A friendly tPF member was so kind enough to let me see her beautiful triple zip satchel and I was wondering how many other of you lovely tPF`ers have this bag? and what your guys opinion on this bag is?? It's realllllly beautiful looking ONLINe.. but I was totally deceived with my previous bag (that I had to return><) and I was wondering what you gals thought about this particular one? It has 3 zip up compartments.. does it get bulky if you have stuff in each compartment? ^^;

Hopefully if theres a lot of good I can start saving up a bit for one! :biggrin:

Here's a picture for reference.

TIA Gals! :heart:
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Sep 21, 2007
Cole Haan has nice leather. I'm not familiar w/ this bag though. If you like the idea of the three compartments, what about Hayden Harnett's Mercer Satchel? It's a bit smaller too, not as deep. They are having a "private sale" and I think some of the colors are marked down too.
Sep 13, 2007
There is a another thread in this sub-forum about this bag. And the most recent contribution was just days ago so it would be easy to find.

Several gals have this bag (including me) and it appears that everyone loves it. But some of us have yet to use ours (including me) because it is a BIG bag. And it doesn't fit easily under the shoulder if you're wearing a jacket.

There's a smaller version of this bag but that one seems to me just a bit too small.

If you search for this bag on ebay you'll find lots of real-life pictures of the bag.

One thing I didn't like about the black leather version when I saw it in real life was the silver zippers.


Mar 18, 2006
We bought my grandmother this bag for Christmas because she likes having three separate compartments but ultimately returned it because it was too heavy for her. The leather is REALLY nice though :tup: