Cole Haan Village Hobo

  1. I was browsing through the sale section on cole haan... the village hobo bag is going for $189. does anyone have this handbag? what is your opinion??

    Cole Haan : Women's HOBO : Village Collection Handbags

    i am definitely getting a bag, but i cannot decide on this one or the new coach carly in medium (signature print, black). I'm torn...

    Thanks in advance.. would appreciate the help~~
  2. I don't have that bag, but I've seen other bags in the Village Collection. The leather is very nice and their bags are well made. Great price, too. Only you can decide if you like it or the Coach better. Decisions, decisions!!
  3. i was just looking at cole haan bags too. but the one i want is not on their website. i found it on NM though and it's also part of the village collection, so i, too, was wondering how the bag is. this is the one i want in Butter:

    Cole Haan -  Leather Satchel -  Neiman Marcus

    cuz i like the color yellow, but not sure if this actually look yellow to me.
  4. It looks kind of nice in brown.
  5. Cole Haan has very nice leather and it is a good quality bag for that price. But I do not like that particular bag style.
  6. I received the Village bucket tote in hot chocolate last night. Quick inspection reveals excellent quality. Leather is so supple. I would recommend the Cole Haan.
  7. Cole Haan is awesome, the Village leather is fabulous - and the price is amazing! I'd pick that over a Coach Signature bag any day of the week.
  8. BabyK--I almost ordered that bag. I don't think NM's pic shows the true color--it is a soft light yellow. See if you can find a pic onBG (or do they use the same pics as NM?) or cole-Haan's site. I saw it in one of their stores and it's very nice.