cole Haan Triple Zip

  1. Hi Everyone!!

    I was wondering the difference in size of the regular and the mini. Could those of you who have this bag post some modeling pics? It'll be muchly appreciated. I am wanting it in pewter.
  2. I think on their w/s it gives dimensions.... I've seen it somewhere
  3. I've seen the small size in person, it's so cute ! It looks like a cute bag to take out to dinner or something like that !
  4. I've seen both irl. The larger size is pretty darn big, too big for me personally. But, if you've got a lot of stuff to carry, it would be great. I like the smaller size. I think there was even a thread in the last day or so about it with pics.
  6. I got the small one and returned it. I loved it but it was actually a lot more "bag" than I would carry everyday. It was gorgeous - but I don't carry all that much and the 3 compartments were almost too much for me. I am sure it is not too big for most people.
  7. i have the larger triple zip, which i chose over the small because of its longer handles. the small version is strictly a hand-held bag, at least for me.
  8. Oh I've been looking at this bag too! Saw it in person and the small size is a really good size, more like medium than small.

    If you look on Zappos they have a pic on a mannequin so you can see the approx size. I'm not sure what size the one on Zappos is, but based on the price I'm thinking it's the larger one.

  9. I agree.
  10. I tried both on and I actually like the bigger one. I like big bags though. It isn't gigantic and it was more comfortable as a shoulder bag.
  11. I have the small version of this bag and I agree with youngster that it really is more of a medium sized bag. I tried both sizes when I was at Nordies and the large one was way to big for me, my DH asked me if I wanted to jump inside it and he could pack me around.;)
  12. I'm contemplating purchasing the larger one, and am concerned with two things:

    1) Can you keep files in it? The sales person said you could, and stuck a clipboard in the bag to illustrate this, but would files, magazines etc. become mangled, since the bag is short in length?

    2) Does this sit comfortably over the shoulder? I will definitely need to sling it over my shoulder on the subway.

    I love the gunmetal color!

    Thank you.
  13. Yes. I tried on the small and large, and the large fits comfortably. The small does not. That's why I'm leaning towards the large. Both are stunning. And I agree...the gunmetal's TDF!!