Cole Haan tote in NM wish book - opinions?

  1. This bag is GORGEOUS! What do you all think? I've not bought CH before, any collectors out there?

  2. i like it :biggrin:
  3. I like it too!! You should get it :graucho: .
  4. I don't have a Cole Haan bag, but I have plenty of their shoes and I've always liked the bags in their store. Their leather is really nice. This is a great-looking bag, IMO.
  5. Love this bag! I would go for it!! :heart:
  6. ooooh. nice.
  7. ooh, it's a pretty bag!
  8. My mom has the chocolate leather version of that bag I belive!,its beautiful!.GET IT =D
  9. That bag's very pretty! ooooh!
  10. It looks gorgeous! I'm not a collector, but I do have one Cole Haan and three pairs of shoes. I really like their designs.
  11. Very nice!