cole haan sample sale.

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  1. Has anyone yet been to the Col Haan Sample sale which started today in ny? Any update on the sale would be appreciated.
  2. I haven't heard about this. Where is it?
  3. WHAT: Cole Haan Sample Sale-clothing & accessories
    WHY: Women’s shoes, outerwear, handbags and men’s shoes & outerwear all up to 80% off. All Sales final! No children under 12 & no strollers
    WHEN: 1/24-1/28
    Sat-Th 9-6:30 W 9-5
    WHERE: 317 W 33rd Street (btw 8-9 Ave)
  4. I went there yesterday and I thought it was pretty good. They had a good selection of bags and shoes (for men and women). Had a bunch of Nike Airs. It was 60-80% off and if you bought 3+ items of shoes you get 20% extra off for the highest marked shoes (same for purses). They also had some coats, but the selection wasn't great.
  5. Went to the sale today & this is what I saw in bags (what I can remember!). Most everything was 70% off, with a few exceptions. They told me they are getting a shipment tonight, but are not sure what is coming in.

    Genevieve Box tote
    Genevieve Slim Tote-brown
    Genevieve Zip Hobo-navy
    Genevieve-Denney Large-white & copper
    Genevieve-Triangle tote-small-white, copper
    Genevieve-Triangle tote-large-white, copper
    Genevieve-Small baguette-copper
    Denney small bag-blue suede, maroon suede, black satin, & other satin colors
    Larry-square hobo-patent blue
    Village Collection-Pocket Shoulder Flap-brown & black
    Village Collection-Small travel duffle-green
    Village Collection-Briefcase-black, brown & orange
    Village Collection-Medium Hobo-black, brown & green
    Village Collection-Small Bucket Tote-green
    Larry Cobra-medium tote
  6. how long is the wait? i want to go over there during lunch to check it out later. thanks!
  7. Oh thanks for posting. I hadn't heard of this yet, will check it out later today.
  8. nevermind.
  9. just came back from the sample sale...they still have quit a bit of stuff available...everything is 70% off
  10. Just got back from this. bought 2 pairs of shoes and paid $99.

    My friend got 3 pairs of shoes, got the 20% off.. ended up getting a really nice pair of brown leather knee high boots for 50 bucks!.. down from $400.
  11. Is there a long wait?

    Does anyone see men's briefcases on sale?

  12. Just went and there is no line. It is a really big space but some sizes for shoes are running out. I got the peep toe carma shoes for 82.50 which is great cause I love the nike air line.
  13. I went - it was great!!!!!!!
  14. I believe the prices have been further reduced...what is the % discount now? Thanks!
  15. i went during lunch around 1:00pm there is no line...there is a few minute wait for the coat check....everything is 70% off the original price now.